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Just a warning.
These are my thoughts and my opinions. And being an Asian that grew up in a collective society, this may be an opinion or thought that many may not like or it may be something you agree with. And oh yeah, this is gonna be a long post.

Recently, some "family" issues has been happening and I just reminded how different my values are with my own parents. I felt that I just have to talk about it here. My mother might probably be mad that I'm talking about this here because she would feel that there is no need to air the dirty laundry.

But me, on the other hand, I just feel that this is the truth and there is no harm in saying it.

Personally, if you ask me if I'm a family oriented person, my answer would be no. I'm an individualist. Coming from an Asian family that grew up in a collective society, this is a shocking answer. And honestly, I don't find the need to apologize for it nor do I care if someone thinks it is wrong.

Recently, my paternal aunt and…
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Let's talk about Apple

It's definitely one of my favourite companies.
I love Apple so much. I'm literally a walking advertisement for Apple sometimes.
And I don't mind.

As usual, I waited for the Apple Keynote with much anticipation and I watched it, eagerly. 

The only thing that really caught my eye was the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular version.
That's the Apple Watch I been waiting for. 
I assumed that it wouldn't arrive until 2 years from now.
But I'm glad that it's here.
If I can afford it, I'll definitely buy it.

Now, let's talk about the thing that everyone is talking about.
The Iphone X.

To be honest, when I watched the keynote, it didn't blow my mind away.

In fact, I ended up questioning myself. 
How good a screen do we really need?
How awesome a camera do we really need?

And because of that, I found the Iphone X relatively unspectacular in that sense.

However, I must admit that I like the move towards the removal of the home button.
It makes the user interface much more…

Cosplay Ball

I'm really looking forward to going to a cosplay ball this weekend.


I always wanted to attend prom both in high school and in university.
However, in high school, I went to an all girls school. 
They didn't have a prom night.
But they had a gala night.

I didn't attend though because I thought the prices were insane and it was insane. So I didn't go.

I was also invited to a prom in a place that I used to volunteer and I didn't go because I was shy.
And it is a decision that I regretted. 
But I was young and insecure. I let many things get in my way. 

Then, university came.
University had proms too. And they were cool proms too.
But sadly, none of my friends went.
And for me, if my friends didn't go, then, there is no fun at all. 
I wanted to go to something where my friends and I could have fun.
So I didn't go.
But I didn't really regret this decision. 

I heard of this Cosplay Ball last year and I knew I wanted in.
In a way, it's everything I wanted.

As a person w…

Much Ado About Our Healthcare

During this week, something terrible but hilarious when you looked back, happened to me.

It was a normal Monday morning. It was close to the end of the month, so I was awaiting for my salary to come in. I was just trying to just hold on till the end of the month. Typical monday. Nothing eventful yet.

Then, it was lunchtime.
I went to lunch with my colleagues.
I ordered myself a lovely nasi kukus with ikan keli. That means steamed rice with catfish for those of you who don't read malay. 

One of my colleague often order this and it always looked good so I decided to give it a try.

Bad mistake.

I ended up having a fishbone stuck in my throat. When you think of it, it's pretty silly. But it scared the living daylights out of me at that moment. I tried swallowing rice to push the fishbone down but after half a bowl later, I found it to be not working.

I heard from my dad when I was younger that, if a fishbone get stuck in your throat, you had to do an operation. And that only fueled my fea…

First month

Well, it's almost the end of the first month of my new job.

How do I feel about it?

As usual, I'm a little worried.

The department that they assigned me to sounds very technical and that worries me. I never saw myself as a very technical person. I worry that it might not fit me.
But long term wise, this is a good career move because this job will allow me to have experience in where I want to have experience in so it's a good thing.

But then again, I haven't started in my home department. And I can only really start to feel it out once I actually start the job.

Right now, I am still in the honeymoon phase of the new job because this is a programme. So they will be rotating me.

Currently, I am in the branch in order to experience and understand how this business works. By being in the branch, we will be able to see firsthand how the business work in the front lines. So when we get sent back to the headquarters, we would better understand the processes and what happens in the b…

Wake Up

I spent the last year, trying to figure what I want, career wise.
I spent the last year, trying to accept the fact that my university days are gone.
I spent the last year, in my head, trying to figure out the direction of my life.

Thus, all of this meant, I closed the doors and went inside my head.
I stayed inside.
I shut off my extrovertedness.
I thought and thought alot.
Whether or not they mattered, that was a totally different thing.

I am aware that I wasted a fair amount of time, thinking.
But I don't quite mind.

This is my journey. My life.
And if I need some time looking at the blueprint, then yes, I will look at the blueprint and see how I want to build it.

I do admit that I also wasted alot of time trying to reset my mind because I kept comparing or felt inferior or just frustrated in general. But it's who I am. And I just gotta work on it.

I just started my new job last week.
And you can tell they want people who shine.
Being in my head for the last year, has made me forgot how to …

An Advice

I know I'm still very young and I don't have much wisdom yet.
But I guess I'm in the mood for sharing whatever little wisdom I have.

So here goes.
And please do forgive me if I sound preachy.
You have a right to not listen and to complete disagree. This is all just my humble opinions.

Coming from an Asian home, tertiary education is very important. Our parents just wants us to go to University and get a degree.
Nothing wrong with that.

But I just want to say, do not do it just because you want to get a degree so that you can get a job.
Take that mindset, throw it in the dustbins.

Do not get a degree for the sake of a job.

Get a degree because you want an education.
So go learn what you want to learn. What you are passionate about.
Even if everyone around tells you it's crap or that it won't make money.

I really am a big believer of go do whatever you love. Because I believe in your personal happiness comes first.

But of course, if you value other things, then don't listen…