Friday, September 26, 2014




I don't really have much to say.
Not this week anyway.
Been too busy with university lately.

So instead, enjoy a nice video. 

Personally, I find this video funny but that's a personal preference. hahaha. so yea. Enjoy or not. Up to you, really.

Friday, September 19, 2014


I am in a little dilemma that I probably need to sort out soon because the deadline is coming soon.

Anyhow, my classmates are thinking of learning Spanish. 

Personally, I do think it's a good idea. After all, I have always wanted to learn as much European language as I possibly can (that's a personal goal of mine)

But at the same time, thinking about learning Spanish got me thinking about French.

I studied French before and personally, I do love it. 
But I have left it alone for years and thus, it has deteriorated quite badly.
Therefore, a thought entered my mind. Instead of learning a new language, wouldn't it be better if I mastered a language that I learnt before?
That way, I can truly say I speak French because I will be able to speak it fluently.

Thus, I am torn between the two. 

If I learn Spanish, I get to be with my classmates and it will be relatively easy since it's the beginner course. I won't have to sacrifice so much time and effort.

If I continue French, I get to pick up where I left off and master what I didn't master. But it will be hard because I am at the intermediate point where there is quite a few grammar rules and all that sort of stuff.

Or better still, don't study French or Spanish. Just go focus on my degree studies since it will be tough.


I really don't know.
But I left a poll down here so that you can let help me decide.

What language should I learn?
Focus on your degree
Poll Maker

Thanks alot~!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Iphone vs Nokia Lumia?

So the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were revealed this week.

And of course, as an Apple fan or rather an iPhone lover, I have my own opinion on this.

In the past, I would have just been stare at the latest iPhone with complete awe and desire~~!

But not this time. (Not that I no longer stare with complete awe and desire but it's less now.)


Because my Nokia Lumia 520 has been really good to me.
Yes, it's a cheap phone.
But the windows 8.1 update has made it so much more beautiful.

Yes, I realized that when it comes to phones, it's aesthetics that I care about.
Yes, it's the beauty of the phone.

That is the reason why I love the iPhone so much. It's because it is so beautiful and pristine. I find it's beauty and elegance unprecedented. 

And recently, the windows 8.1 managed to give me the beauty and elegance I want from a phone.
I find my Nokia Lumia 520 so beautiful now.
And I love both the software and hardware.
The thing about Nokia Lumia 520 is that the hardware is already beautiful.
And now, with the windows 8.1 update, the software is now beautiful too.

It doesn't annoy me that the app market for windows is much smaller than android and apple.
Because personally, I have all the apps that I already need. 
So I am good.

Anyhow, what do I think about the iPhone 6?
Well, it's beautiful, like usual.
But the hardware sort of reminds me of the Nokia Lumia 630. Therefore, I am not really amazed.

However, just as I was about to write off the iPhone 6 as no big deal, it has one feature that I really like.

Yup. That thing that calculates your exercise or walking automatically and even the elevation level.
I really like this feature.
Honestly, this one feature that Apple has that no other phone ever have.
I wonder why though.

I know android has a lot of apps out there that can calculate your exercise or walking thing. 
But we all know that most of it doesn't work.
Plus, it won't feel as good as an in built feature.

I know that this is just one feature.
But this is a very important feature to me.
Thus, increasing my desire and love for iPhone by bucketloads. 

When it comes to phone, I don't care about alot of things except for the things that I want or I am looking for.

So in the end, the iPhone 6 still has some appeal to me but it was not as much as it used to be.

And right now, I personally feel that Nokia (or rather Microsoft) might be a big contender in the phone industry soon. 


Just like Apple, they make the hardware and software. And honestly, I think that is what makes a phone great.
A beautiful hardware that comes with a smooth and seamless software.

And with the windows 8.1 update, Windows is showing that a lot of potential. So yea. Beware, Apple.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First week of university

The first week of university has started and even though it just started, I am already beginning to get stressed.

There is still so much things to do that I haven't done yet because I need to decide.

I need to settle my registration,
and I need to get the textbooks.

Textbooks aren't cheap, you know.

And it's time to pay the fees but because my faculty coordinator screwed up a little so the fees have to be paid but without the student loan that I am suppose to get. sighs.

Oh well.

Anyhow, things will only get busier from now but it's alright.

I just need to remind myself that year 2 has started and I can do this.
And I need to relax because I get stressed out way too easily. hehehe.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hanayamata reminds me of high school.

Let me just warn you that this will be a rather long post. so yea.

One of the anime that I am watching currently is Hanayamata. 
Honestly, I didn't think that I would like this anime as much as I do right now.
It's not a special show. It's the normal high school friendship anime where girls do what they love and in this case, dance a certain japanese dance.

It's those friendship type of anime filled with cuteness and sweetness. 
In the group, you have the shy reserved girl, the tsundere, the princess and the energetic annoying one.

And for some reason watching this reminded me of high school.

Personally, I am not a fan of high school but I don't quite hate it either. I just recognized that it was a part of my life. That's all.
But this anime reminded of the good sweet memories of high school.

It made me think of the good memories I had in high school and suddenly, I missed it.
I miss my group of friends.
The one that brought the light into my empty ugly dark high school moments.

As I watched the characters, it made me think further of my group.
In my group, there was four of us, not five, unlike that anime.
We also had the princess, the quiet reserved one, the tsundere and the talkative one.

Can you guess who I was?
Yup, I was the tsundere one. hahahaha

Anyhow, thinking about my group made me feel that we had a lot of similarities with this anime.
I guess, you can say that my high school was somewhat anime-like.
We were in a group.
And we did what we wanted.

We wrote, we watched stuff and we read.
We made plays and joined competitions together.
We just did what ever we felt like doing and ignored the world.

It was good times.

Yea, I guess I am feeling a little nostalgic.

But I am comforted by the fact that my high school life was somewhat anime-like. 
I always wanted to be in an anime and now I know that I kinda was. HAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday, I attended a friend's graduation ceremony. 

Anyhow, it was nice watching other people graduate. 
Seeing them so happy made me happy too.

All the graduates had a certain glow to them and for some reason, it made me think of my own graduation. 

Honestly, my graduation is a very very long way away. 
I just finished my first year and I am only going to start my second year soon.
So it'll take a while before I graduate.

But honestly, I think I would enjoy my graduation.

The feeling of accomplishment.
The ability to say, I DID IT. 
The feeling of pride.

To know that you are a whole different person now compared to when you started the course.
To know that you are a more mature and wiser person. 

So yea.
To be honest, I can't wait for my graduation.

But for now, I just have to get prepared to start my year 2.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Exam results.

My exam results are out.

Honestly, I am just glad that I don't have to repeat year 1 and that I can safely move onto year 2.

My grades for year 1 were very very average.
But that's alright.
It doesn't mean that I can't get first class honours.

It just mean that I have to ace my year 2 and year 3. 
And that is exactly what I plan to do.

As long as you are still in the race, you can still win.
And right now, that is what matters.
The fact that I am still in the race.
The fact that I don't have to waste a whole year repeating year 1.

So yea.

I had a good rest this summer and so, when the summer break ends, it's time to get up and start moving.
I am feeling pumped up and motivated to go to year 2.