The Apple Keynote 2018 just happened a few days ago.

Being an apple fan, I must watch it and pay attention to it.

What do I feel about?

Let's start.

First of all, I love the Apple Watch Series 4. I personally think it's amazing that it'll be able to do an ECG (Electrocardiogram). That's really cool. It's really for those health lovers to watch over their heart activity. I like that you can get a pdf of it so that you can consult your doctor for more information.

I know the cellular feature for the Apple Watch has been available since last year. However, I just find it upsetting that it's not available in my country and probably would never be available ever. It almost makes me want to move just so I get that feature but unfortunately, I'm unable to.

And then, there's the iPhone.

To be honest, it is disappointing. 

There's literally nothing new about the latest iPhone. Yes, the display is bigger and better. Well, duh. You don't call it new if it doesn…

A torch passed down

The other day, I was watching Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) and this particular scene hit me so hard.

It reminded me of my graduation.

Yes, I know it sounds unrelated but bear with me.

 When All Might pointed to him, saying you're next. Deku knew it meant his time has come to an end as one of the best heroes ever and as the greatest symbol of peace. And Deku, being the inheritor of his power, knew that he had a heavy shoes to wear. 

All Might just passed him the torch and Deku had a heavy expectation to fill. But despite that, it's one he will carry and wear with pride.

I understand this.

When I graduated, there's this sense of pride. I am the first in my family to graduate. 

In that sense, I carried my family's expectation. Their hopes and dreams. Their fears and insecurities. I carried it all despite it's weight.
If you closed your eyes, I could almost hear them say, "The world is your stage now. It's your turn. Show the world what you're worth.&q…

Midnight Thoughts

As I was struggling with my own thoughts, feelings and issues, this short story came to me in an inspiration.

And it's been a while since I wrote like this so I decided to write it.

After all, as a writer, our biggest fear is probably to never write again. To run out of muse. To be void of inspiration.

So now that I have inspiration, I must use it.

So that the inspiration will keep coming.

Anyway, the short story is here. So here it is! 


I was reading a book.

And it made me think of my regrets.

I always said, live with no regrets.

Although I say that, it doesn't mean I have no regrets.
I do.
But time passes and those regrets turn into lessons.
And in a way, there's no regrets because now you know what you should or shouldn't do.

But if I could go back in time, 
what would I say to my past self?

It may or may not change things.
But atleast I said it.

I would say, 

1. Stop caring what others think.
This would be a surprise to most people who knew me because I always gave the impression that I didn't care.
But that's a blatant lie. I did care.
But I acted like I didn't care.
I acted like it didn't hurt.
But it did.
Terribly so.
But as Tyrion from Game of Thrones, I wore it like an armour. 
I didn't write because someone told me that it sucked. And true, it sucked. But practice leads to improvements. 
And my biggest regret is that I didn't write as much as I could because I cared about what they say.

2. Don&…

Design Thinking and Steve Jobs

This is going to be a long post and I apologize. 

Anyway my department meeting yesterday talked about design thinking and it only reminded me of Steve Jobs.

I have always loved Apple and Steve Jobs. I know Steve Jobs wasn't the greatest guy ever. He could have been nicer and etc. But this is not about that. This is about his vision, his beliefs and philosophy. I never quite realised how much I believed in Steve Jobs philosophy until I sat down and thought about it. 

I admired Steve Jobs philosophy of design first. I don't know if he was the first guy who made design thinking into a thing. Or if he is the one who popularize that thinking?

Minimalism. Simplicity. Clean. Aesthetics. User friendly. He made sure Apple designs abide by this. And this is what I have always loved about Apple. He made technology sexy, beautiful and cool. 

I never quite realised that I, myself, believed in these values.

But today, as I sat down and think, I realised that, the older I grow, the more I have tu…


Today, I did my taxes.
I did it online.
So all I have is the softcopy that I saved in my pendrive.

My parents told me that I should print it out.
As a young person who has kept everything in my pendrive, I literally don't get it.
So I said I wasn't going to print.
And that sparked an argument.
It was literally a pointless argument.
If only they stated their point better.
If only I was less angry.

My parents also scolded me to stop cursing.
And that annoyed me.

It's obvious that a rift is going sometimes.
A divergence in values and thought processes.

And it's going to be tiring for me.
Because I know I won't comply.
And they will want me to.
Maybe even force me.

And I hate it when they use threats to force me to comply.

And it's not a simple threat.

It's the threat of a cut in family ties.

It's always that same threat.

I hate it.

Because honestly, I do care for them.

But I have my own way of living.

I understand that they are trying to protect me.
Help me make less mistakes.

But l…


So today, I turn 25.
2.5 decades.
A quarter to a century.

This is going to be a long one so forgive me. Let's start.

Yesterday, a day before my birthday. I had a great time and I felt great too.
I was reading this book that someone bought me for my birthday.
As I sat and read, I definitely related to this book.

As much as I claim to be an individualistic person, I do care about my family. So when books talk about family in a warm way, it just makes me tear up.
Sophie Kinsella hit the spot with this book. With family, with career, with life, with love and everything.

I'm very much like the main character.
Wide eyed with my dreams.
I do love city and its hustle and bustle. Only difference is, I am a city girl. Born and bred.

Just like the main character, I did want my life to be "perfect".
I didn't like ugly raw things.
But I learnt that it isn't real life.

Real life is messy. Real life gets ugly. Real life gets rough. Real life is filled with tears. But real life is also fi…