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Part time jobs...ain't it fun? (not)

Hmm...I recently got myself a part time job that paid $5 per hour. Yea, I know...that is so damn cheap. But then again, this is a part time job. What do ya expect?
Anyways, I worked in a catering company. I never knew that catering was an art. I learnt quite alot of new stuff.
I helped served food & stuff like that. I helped cater a birthday party. My job is something like a waitress...(I mean, I have to serve & take orders)

For the first time in my life, I realized that jobs like these were so damn boring.(Well, excluding all the customers complains & ruckus) Suddenly, it hit me that people hate their jobs. I really get what they mean. It isn't because of the boss but it is because of the JOB!! I mean, the job was so damn boring that I didn't even last a week in that job. I quit after 5 days!!

I mean, I really felt bored... I counted the hours to the end of the day, hoping that time will fly.

So...I finally get it. I finally understand why people hate their jobs so da…

Business Trip. *sigh*

I could have just be at home, playing with the internet...BUT no, my dad has to drag me into his business trip. Well, atleast I was slightly glad that I could travel~~
Anyways, when we reached our destination, we had to go to a meeting. I was stunned...I mean, don't we even get to rest?!
So I went with my dad to the meeting. He kept smiling & said, "Isn't this interesting." I nodded but what I really wanted was a good nap. When I entered the meeting room, I saw so many business looking people.

I looked at them...they were all so damn serious. Unlike my dad, they weren't smiling. Everyone in the meeting room suddenly turned their eyes on me. They were examining me. I hated what I read in their eyes, they thought of me as an annoying child. Damn you, I ain't an annoying child.

Then a man screamed out, "somebody get this kid out of here!"
I was so angry that I wanted to hit him so damn hard!! But before I could do anything my dad gently said, "Ple…

Damn it!!!

Have you ever wanted something so badly,
That you threw everything you had a side,
Even if that meant for you to,
Break all your promises,
Hurt your friends,
Forget your family,
Have you done that??
And when you thought you achieved it,
Life gives you a 360 degree harsh turn,
In the end,
You achieved nothing,
Losing everything you had...

Have you ever had this feeling?? Did you ever do this before??
I thought I had this dream in my hands...but it slipped easily & so fast.
Now, I am left with nothing...nothing...

I really cried hard, last night when I found out that this dream slipped away so easily.

I'm not hurt by the rejection...that's not the problem!! But could this dream broke earlier, before I sacrificed so many things??
I sacrificed so many many things!

Did you know how much it hurts to break your very own damn promise. I don't break's against my principles!! But I broke a damn promise for this dream!
I hurt both my friends & family..…

Christmas shopping...

Christmas shopping...Oh yeah, the yearly christmas shopping.
Well, so my family went out shopping recently. Wow, it took us 5 hours to buy everything. I don't get it! How can you take 5 hours shopping? I mean, all you got to do is go to the store, pick out the stuff & buy it. That is just 3 simple steps.

Actually, we spend 3 hours shopping for presents & 2 hours shopping for personal needs. Personal needs means clothes, bags & shoes. Both my parents spent 2 hours shopping for their personal needs while I followed them.(wishing that I could go home)

I don't understand the concept of shopping. Going from store to store to buy one thing! I don't get it!! Well, why go from store to store & waste time when you can go to one store & just buy that dress/shoe/bag. I guess I will never be those kind of shopping girls.

Anyways, I think I pissed off one of those sales girls.

I think she look liked this when I dragged my mother out of the store. I mean, whenever my mum…

My soul feels trapped...

Did you ever had this feeling?
This feeling of being trapped...
This feeling of being caged up like a bird,
Have you ever felt it??
Like a bird who is in a cage,
I want to be freed,
I want to fly in the sky,
Taste the freedom that I never had,
I want to...just be free,
Is that too hard to ask?

I hate this feeling...I hate this feeling of being trapped. I hate it so much...
Allow me to fly...

Recently, this is how I feel. I mean, I just want some freedom but well, parents always don't allow that.
My parents are a little over protective. They feel like I am too fragile, too ruthless. They fear that if I ever leave my home, I would end up as the dead girl known in the newspapers. They really fear that. Yet, they tell me that one day they will have to let me go. Don't they understand that I am suffocating? Suffocating from their very touch.
To make it worse, I inherited my father's travelling soul. I am a person who wants to travel.

Whenever I get the oppor…