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Christmas shopping...

Christmas shopping...Oh yeah, the yearly christmas shopping.
Well, so my family went out shopping recently. Wow, it took us 5 hours to buy everything. I don't get it! How can you take 5 hours shopping? I mean, all you got to do is go to the store, pick out the stuff & buy it. That is just 3 simple steps.

Actually, we spend 3 hours shopping for presents & 2 hours shopping for personal needs. Personal needs means clothes, bags & shoes. Both my parents spent 2 hours shopping for their personal needs while I followed them.(wishing that I could go home)

I don't understand the concept of shopping. Going from store to store to buy one thing! I don't get it!! Well, why go from store to store & waste time when you can go to one store & just buy that dress/shoe/bag. I guess I will never be those kind of shopping girls.

Anyways, I think I pissed off one of those sales girls.
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I think she look liked this when I dragged my mother out of the store. I mean, whenever my mum chose one of their product. She told my mum that it was out of stock. This repeated for 3 times. And on the 3rd time, I got pissed. I mean I rather be at home on my computer than be in this mall being bored to death!!

So I told the sales girl, "If you dun have any stuff to sell, you might as well shut the damn store. Mum, we gotta get out of here..." I dragged my mum out of the store.
If you don't know, I really hate shopping, dresses & the colour pink. So yea, I am not your average girl.
But it's kinda sad to see those young little girls dressed up like a popstar with weird outfits, high heel shoe & fake hair extension. Dude, what is their mum doing to them?? I mean, I am a grown teenage girl & I do NOT wear weird outfits, high heel shoe or fake hair extension!!
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These is how some of them are dressed...well, not too bad you say?! They look like freaking dolls. Children are humans with brains! So to all parents, your child is not a damn doll to play dress up!!


Anonymous said…
To tell the truth, I can shop a whole day with my mother~~ XXXXXXD

& dressing is an art, you see~~ To find a style that suits you is not that easy (I can hear you shouting,"Shirt & jeans are my style!" XXXXD) & if you find it you need to stick to it~~

For example, I can't go for cute style~~ Frilly skirts & shirts just don't suit me, you see~~ I know elegant style flatters me, that's why I go for it~~^^

Ahakz~~ Dressed up for a good impression & to please yourself (& others XXXD) but do remember not to overdo it (I never gone for hair extension unless I'm going for a cosplay XXXXD)

It took my Chirstmas shopping 5 hours, too. But there's a good reason: my brother didn't tell me exactly what he wanted, so I had to try to find the gift that he might like & that's hard!
I'm not the shopping girl, either.
Unless I wanted something, then I'll go get it.


Jun is right- fashion is an art. I'm not against those people who take clothes seriously, but...
I'm not one of those people. Har, har.
Dressing up people would probably be fun, but you should never put adult or teenage suited clothing on kids.
That's one of the reasons why kids are growing up so fast these days.
carmensakura07 said…
Hahaha...I guess we are the same then. I mean, I am NOT that shopping girl either.
If I want something, I go to that store without a single distraction & juz buy that darn thing.

I guess that why kids nowadays are so mature. And kids are starting to drink underage. And those kind of clothings will only make those kids turn into those dumb blondes you see on TV~! Don't you agree?

Maybe fashion is an art...But Jun-chan, don't you eventually get bored of seeing racks & racks of clothes?? I seriously get bored!!
PS : Shirt & jeans are my style. AND shirt & jeans does give a gud impression & it does pleases me~~!

So, I'm still sticking to shirt & jeans.
I will leave the hassle job of shopping to hardcore shoppers round the world!!!
I agree about the dumb blonde thing. They see that those types of girls wear and want to wear it as well.
Shirt and jeans are for me, too! :) But the shirts have to have some kind of cool logo or band tee.
carmensakura07 said…
Yea...that is why parents should teach their kids. Parents shouldn't encourage the dumb blonde syndrome!!
Yea, me too~~ >.< The shirts MUST have a cool logo~~!
Anonymous said…
Ahahahahahaha~~~ Woman's nature~~ I love to search through racks & racks of clothes~~ Let's see if I found my treasure beneath it~~^^ (But you know me Ka-chan, I'm not the average girl that focus on beauty~~^^ So, this situation occurs occasionally~~ XXD)

Okay, I am the one who drink underage *sipping on Sake* XXXD~ So, I can't comment on this~ XXXXD

Okay, the dumb blonde issue~~ XXD I should say, people's style is not your style~~ The attire that people look good in it doesn't mean that it suits you~~

& most people want to wear something that "dumb blonde (XXXD)" wears in TV because they forget about this~~ & they want to imitate them~~


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