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Left Behind...?

Everyone around me,
begin to fasten their pace,
I am the only idiot who stumbles & falls,
Their pace were too fast for me,
I couldn't really catch up,
I tried my best to fasten my steps,
Forcing my legs to continue on no matter what.

As time passed,
I realize I have fallen so far behind,
The people in front of me,
Seemed like a distant shadow,
My friends saw me in this horrid state,
They ushered me on,
Cheering me,
I smiled weakly at them,
Asking them to carry on,
It is not that I didn't want them to wait for me,
But how could I be so selfish,
To strip them the chance to win this race,
They look at me with doubt,
Unwilling to leave,
I insisted for them to leave.

When everyone left,
And I was alone,
For a brief moment,
I kneeled on the ground quietly,
Catching my breath,
Streching my legs,
I knew I must continue this race,
The voice in my head,
Told me to carry on and to hold on,
I knew I must carry on.

I got up,
Hastening my steps,
Trying to just catch up,
Even though I am currently in the last place,
I know…