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Should I?!

So, I saw both my close friends playing the piano.

They looked so graceful & happy. And the music that was played was quite lovely. (It wasn't exactly perfect but it was good.) Since I grew up in a music loving family, music is something I naturally liked. Well, my father especially love classical music and he made sure my sister & I loved classical music. However, my mother likes rock & roll...songs that she can sing to. Therefore my family loves music alot, even so, not a single soul in my family plays a music instrument.
Most people would sent their children to piano classes but my parents didn't. They just felt that if we wanted to learn something, we would ask for it. So my parents never forced to do anything we hated...(excluding school, homework, chores & being polite)

Well, I never liked the piano. Some people will see the piano & gawk at it but even at a tender age, I didn't really care much for the piano. One of my cousins played the piano &…

Homeworks...and more homework.

Ok, this just hasn't been the best week. *sigh* I guess 2009 is not exactly really awesome. I've been sick & things that I want to do has to be postponed to next year due to some problems. In addition, my homework is really pilling up!!
Aaarrgghhh....I really hate homeworks!! Why must teachers give us so much homework?
I'm fine with homeworks...but stacks of them is overdose. I think I'm gonna die from all this homework.

Looks, like it is time for me to do my homework. Seriously, I don't normally look so happy doing my homework. Nobody looks or remote feels happy doing their homework, am I right?
Yes, I know I am just complaining all about homework...but seriously, I feel so lazy. I feel like throwing all my homework in the trash can & act as if they don't exist. I know that I can't do that but I am so tempted.
This hasn't really been my week... *sighs*

*evil smirk* hehehe...maybe I can turn my homework into paper planes. Yay!! Imagine all the paper …

Family Reunion Dinner~~

Do you like family reunion dinners?

I used to hate reunion dinners because my aunts & uncle would always ask questions, trying to know me more. And to make it worse, my mum used to dress me up in a dress that is filled with laces & ribbons, she would also make me wear a black shoe with white laced socks...oh yeah...*shievers* Thank god, she no longer does that.
Not only that, this kind of reunions are always SO BORING & LONG!!

But recently, I realized something. Finally, I realize that reunion dinners had a purpose. I realized that my relatives bonded with each other. They were all talking, trying to catch up with each other lives. Yea, how could I be so damn stupid to NOT realise this. It was only recently I noticed it.

Eventhough, I finally knew the purpose of a family reunion dinner but I still thought it was a little boring. In addition, my aunts made me babysit my 5 year old throwing tantrum cousin sister & my 9 year old spoiled brat cousin brother.
However, I am not r…