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Family Reunion Dinner~~

Do you like family reunion dinners?
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I used to hate reunion dinners because my aunts & uncle would always ask questions, trying to know me more. And to make it worse, my mum used to dress me up in a dress that is filled with laces & ribbons, she would also make me wear a black shoe with white laced socks...oh yeah...*shievers* Thank god, she no longer does that.
Not only that, this kind of reunions are always SO BORING & LONG!!

But recently, I realized something. Finally, I realize that reunion dinners had a purpose. I realized that my relatives bonded with each other. They were all talking, trying to catch up with each other lives. Yea, how could I be so damn stupid to NOT realise this. It was only recently I noticed it.

Eventhough, I finally knew the purpose of a family reunion dinner but I still thought it was a little boring. In addition, my aunts made me babysit my 5 year old throwing tantrum cousin sister & my 9 year old spoiled brat cousin brother.
However, I am not really a good babysitter. I just let them do whatever they want. I just make sure no body hurts themselves.

Dinner was really good. Yea, I love the food~~~ Yea, I live to eat~~
During dinner, I saw my grandfather eating. I stared at him. His hands were shaking. It wasn't because he was sick but because that was the way he is. Even I inherited this shaking hand gene but I only get it if I am really, really hungry or angry. My grandfather really looked so weak & feeble. My heart began to sink. He saw me staring at him & he smiled at me. I smiled back.

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After dinner, we returned to my grandparents home for a good old dose of family bonding. Well, it was time to babysit my cousins. I just sat down & read my book. I normally bring a book to read. Then, all of a sudden, my grandfather sat next to me.
"What are you reading?" He asked.
"A fantasy book." I showed him the book cover.
He took the book & read the synopsis.
"It should be a good book." He smiled, returning the book to me.
So we talked...
And the long night ended, it was pretty enjoyable since I had my grandpa to chat with.

After hearing about my good friend grandfather's funeral,my heart thumped.
How long more is my grandpa going to live?
Yea, I know death is not torture...but it's just hard to imagine life without him.
He is the man who thought me how to read & he always recommends books to me.
He is also the man who thought me to do crosswords puzzles. (I really hate crosswords puzzles...)
He is my grandfather.

I still remember the time when I used to make him cards for his birthday. I still remember that I drew alot of pokemons & stuck alot of sailormoon stickers in that card.
I knew he still kept that card until now because I saw it once on his work desk.

I guess, we should love our parents & grandparents. I hate to admit this, but I really do love my grandfather.


Anonymous said…
*sneeze* jeez someone just talk about me here...

anyway glad you finally realised why I like reunions. ^^

Sam said…
I really appreciate that you read my blog ~~~
Why i said that because it contain chinese words that you don't understand.
But i try my best to translate it english for you and friends that want to see my blog ~~

After see your blog, i feel that lucky you understand family reunion dinners.
For me,
I like family reunion dinners, why ?
Because i know that grandmother, grandfather, parents and cousin sister ~~
This life, i born out can become their son, cousin and uncle but next life ??
We may be cannot meet together ~~
So i will appreciate what i got now ~~

Beside that, i know parents, grandmother and grandfather. They cannot stay we me long time.
Time is limited for them.
Half of our life is take care by our parents and grandmother , grandfather but lated they will past away then the jobs will lend to my wife continues ~~~~

So got time, i will try together with my parents, grandmother, grandfather and cousin sister , brother ~~

I don't want wait them already past away then regret .... buy this buy that go and pray them ....
They already cannot eat ...
They already cannot chat with me .
They already at sky, wish me ... hope me healthy and happy ~~

Take care myself healthly also one of appreciate for parents ~~

Wish you happy and chinese new years ~~~
Sam said…

I not yet marry and no girl friend now.
Because i scare, i cannot give what she want ~~
The important things is money ~~
Love, care are build from heart and habbit ~~

When got boy friend and girl friend, normally they will love and care each other but ~~~

When marry ~~
because that time that are actting ....
Together .. no more surpise ...
then will show out the fox tails ~~

So love, care are build from heart and habbit ~~

When i find a good wife, i will come visit you and give you a big big "Ang Pow" ~~~
Give me 4 years because working earn money first, then family second then third is wife ~~
Anonymous said…
Ahakz, Ka-chan~~ Finally you know the goodness of family reunion XXXD!

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