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Homeworks...and more homework.

Ok, this just hasn't been the best week. *sigh* I guess 2009 is not exactly really awesome. I've been sick & things that I want to do has to be postponed to next year due to some problems. In addition, my homework is really pilling up!!
Aaarrgghhh....I really hate homeworks!! Why must teachers give us so much homework?
I'm fine with homeworks...but stacks of them is overdose. I think I'm gonna die from all this homework.

Anime girl reading a book Pictures, Images and Photos
Looks, like it is time for me to do my homework. Seriously, I don't normally look so happy doing my homework. Nobody looks or remote feels happy doing their homework, am I right?
Yes, I know I am just complaining all about homework...but seriously, I feel so lazy. I feel like throwing all my homework in the trash can & act as if they don't exist. I know that I can't do that but I am so tempted.
This hasn't really been my week... *sighs*

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*evil smirk* hehehe...maybe I can turn my homework into paper planes. Yay!! Imagine all the paper planes swirling around like white doves. Oh, that would be so beautiful and FUN!!! Unfortunately, I don't know how to make paper planes. Let's just say that origami & me are completely different.

anime reading Pictures, Images and Photos
Dang, I'm daydreaming again. I just can't seem focus while I do my homework...I guess I'll do it later.

Anime girl reading Pictures, Images and Photos
Ok, I decided...I'm not gonna do my homework today. I'll do it some other time. And for now, I pick up a good book & have a good time, relaxing~~!!


Sam said…
haha ~~
Lucky you meet me ~~
I share with you ~~

May be teacher give us many homework ~~
When i was young, i also hate it ~~
But now i grow up, i know ~~

Last time, i study, i do many homework compare other people.

Now, i more knowledge compare other ~~
What i give out my hardworking ~~
God will see ~~

Not people can just like this then can success ~~~
Hardworking only can get success ~~
Take action only can go success ~~
Just using month said .... 100% cannot ~~

Love also like this ~~
Must use your heart then take action ~~
But slowly you will know ~~
Study first ~~

Remember take care , take care your good healthy also one of the ways to appreciate your paretns too.

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