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This is MY life!

Well, what could ever go wrong? Life recently is fun & to make it merrier, I just saw all my good friends lately. So what is the matter with me? Life is getting better but I don't seem to get better.
When I thought things couldn't get worse, it had to...Man, I really don't have good luck.

Well, currently I have a stack homework to do, a full timetable that doesn't even allow me to breathe and a bunch of activities to do. I'm so stressed!! I have never been so stressed in my life. really is BUSY!!
To be truthful...I hate myself right now. I feel so incapable. I mean, I am NOT the only human in the world who is busy & stressed. There many others and they seem to be fine so...why do I feel like I might drop dead anytime soon??
There are times when I actually thought that my heart would just stop beating and I would just die.

And relax myself, I made a cup of tea and began writing a story. Yea, I just sat down & wrote. The story that I wrote …

I don't care anymore.

Well, I'm doing my best to stop hating a person. So I talked to her, I tried to be her friend again. Somehow, our conversation goes crazy.
Why does she makes herself so hateable?
And when we talk, she just reminds me over & over again how much I hate her.
Doesn't she knows that she hurts people feelings? (I'm not the only one who hates her)
Everyone that knows her quite well, hates her.
Doesn't she know that she is inconsiderate?
Have she forgotten the times she made me cry?

So...our conversation went crazy. She began talking about crap stuff that I really don't care but I managed to still smile & act as if I am paying attention. Then, it became a heated arguement. She called me names that she knew I didn't like. Then, she mocked everything I liked. She made me sound so stupid.
Finally, I snapped & shouted "Guess what, I don't care anymore." And from that moment, it seems all my hatred dissappeared. I finally realised that I was being stupid …

Hatred & Love all mix together!

Alas, I finally understand why I have been so angry. Last week, I was so pissed but yet happy in an odd way.
How can hatred & love mix together?

Well, lets juz say that love & hate can be mixed.
Last week was a terrible week. I was tired & angry. I'm tired because of homework and I'm angry because.... Erm, I'll tell you later. Just read on.


My rival, *Rena, somehow pissed me off. I hate her so much!! Shouldn't I be happy for people who want to improve themselves and help others??
Then, why do I feel angrier?

Let me tell you something about Rena. She's the kind of selfish person who only cares about herself & she always tease people. She never cares for other people feelings. In short, she's just a terrible friend.
So...when I heard that she is kind. I couldn't believe my ears. A person like her, helping? That's impossible. And, when I heard she is in the same group with me for a project. That pissed me even more!!
Gosh, what have I done …