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This is MY life!

Well, what could ever go wrong? Life recently is fun & to make it merrier, I just saw all my good friends lately. So what is the matter with me? Life is getting better but I don't seem to get better.
When I thought things couldn't get worse, it had to...Man, I really don't have good luck.
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Well, currently I have a stack homework to do, a full timetable that doesn't even allow me to breathe and a bunch of activities to do. I'm so stressed!! I have never been so stressed in my life. really is BUSY!!
To be truthful...I hate myself right now. I feel so incapable. I mean, I am NOT the only human in the world who is busy & stressed. There many others and they seem to be fine so...why do I feel like I might drop dead anytime soon??
There are times when I actually thought that my heart would just stop beating and I would just die.
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And relax myself, I made a cup of tea and began writing a story. Yea, I just sat down & wrote. The story that I wrote was about a girl, her life. I slowly just continued creating her life and her destiny. And of course, my stories are all famous for their DRAMA. (Yea, Jun-chan & Rushi-tan know my writing style quite well)
So, this girl had her own little problems that actually makes her go crazy.
Suddenly, I notice something...
I am this girl's author. I created her and her life. I controlled this girl. At that moment, I wish I was this girl. I wish I had an author to write my destiny. For that moment, I wished I wasn't real. How I wish I was a princess in her own fairytale and her ending was always happy?
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Yes, I wish I was that princess. If I was a princess, then maybe, life would be much more rosy and happy. *sigh*

But then again, I had one advantage my created characters didn't, that was, I am my own author. I write my own life & destiny. I have a choice while my created characters has none.
"Life is like a blank sheet of paper, you write your own story. It can be a beautiful dream or a terrifying nightmare. It is YOUR choice."
-carmensakura07 (February 2007)

So's better that I create my destiny. I guess, I will quit complaining and do something about my life.

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Paul said…
The trick is to appear collected... Then you freak out everyone else who is all stressed and they all think "jeeze. Look at her, she's not stressed at all." and then they hang out with you so they can feel less stressed, and then you trick them into helping YOU with your stuff! It's foolproof... i'd assume?
Sam said…
You already lucky ~~
You know Why ??
Because you meet me ~~

Whole world so big ~~
Not easy to meet you and me !
I can know you feel, you can know my feel.
Because I already past my young time,
so I can share my oldest time for you.

All people walk not same road.

"Life is like a blank sheet of paper, you write your own story. It can be a beautiful dream or a terrifying nightmare. It is YOUR choice."
-carmensakura07 (February 2007)

That really correct ~~
All the fairytale just at night we can dream and sleep happy ~~

But we must know~~
Reality ~~
Work also got stress, study also got stress ~~
No people is no stress !!!
Born baby also got stress, take care baby also got stress.

I love you also got stress !!
because tell "i love you" easy ...
Want to take care her, protech her , love her ~~
Then is stress lo

In the middle line stress beside is happiness ~~
Just see how to management it nice nice.

Give you an example:
Like today is your brithday.
I wish to celebrate for you but I know you already got party with friends.

You also don't want to reject me .....
I also will feel stress, what must I do ??
let you go celebrate with friend ... or I celebrate with you ??
aiyaya ~~

hehe, is me ~~~
I will prepare a small cake for you first and buy a big cake for you.
The small cake is let you eat and blow.
Make wish
Then the big cake let you take to your friends that celebrate for you !~~~

that is how I from stress to happy ~~

YOu can do it ~~
Belief me ~~
.SuWee. said…
i believe you know alot of theory and stuff that is true,

tough here the thing,
are you making use of your theory to think things clearly, or does it just blinds you up.
maybe that "you" few month back or few years back was once so positive, and when back then where we do not know so much theory. and maybe we do not know so much, we're see things clearly.

maybe thats why ppl say that small babies are care free, they don need to stress on anything cause they do not know anything. nothing much in life to care about

and maybe because of this, some times we feel like going back to the time when we are young, and everything seem so simple.and maybe things back then was so clear.

take a step back
maybe you will see things in a difrent way :)

hope that did help you.


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