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A week of horror.

Just when I said that I wanted to conquer the world, things start going wrong. This week has been harsh. Right now, I only had 4 hours of sleep which is very rare and I'm just so tired. But I choose to write this right now because I'm downloading a file plus, I haven't blogged in a while. right now, I'm just sighing & I'm pissed bcuz I just can't seem to anything right. I worked my ass off with several of my friends on Thursday. We took hours to edit the video BUT then, it couldn't be saved. That pissed all of us. It took me several days before I could edit the video. Now, that I finally edited and saved the video. I can't upload it to youtube.
And due to this, I haven't finished my preparation for school.

See, problems after problems keep appearing. I really don't know what to do. Anyways, I just watched Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood. (Look, this downloading file is HUGE!!) It's an awesome anime. I just love it.

Maybe, you should …

Time to conquer the world...

I've just been thinking and wondering about some stuff. Stuff about my childhood.
Yup, I was just thinking about the good old days. (Not that I am very old...hehe..)

Well, to be truthful, my younger self isn't much like what I am now or what I claim to be. I always claimed to be strong, aggresive and independent...but those were just lies. When I was younger, I was a fragile person who couldn't be left alone but I was such a damn good actress that even my parents fell for it.
I always admired strong people who were independent and wasn't afraid to speak their mind.

So now when I think back into my childhood, only three words explains all of it.


Now that I look back, I feel that my childhood was slighly wasted. (But overall, my childhood was quite fun~~!! I was just a little too innocent and naive.)

Who knew I could make so much mistakes when I was little... Let me tell you why.

1. I started writing at the age of 9 but I quit after my teacher called me s…

Interesting life...

I think life is just like this picture. No matter how still the water is, the mist surrounding it, dulls the picture. Even so, this picture is still breath taking.

Life is also like a rainbow. It takes both sunshine & rain to make it.

Well, juz one day ago, life seems awesome. Finally, I thought that I was in control of my own life. I felt like I could conquer the world! And when, I went out and had a merry good time with my friends, that was really fun. It is really nice to see all the other coaches~~! But too bad, I can't go to this month's coach gathering.

That outing cleared my mind, making me feel more energised.

...but today, everything was the complete opposite of yesterday.
Well, today...
I just lost my planner. (My schedule is ALL in it.)
I also lost my to-do-list. (Now, I'm really lost!)
I also lost my part time job. (Damn...Now, I'm jobless and broke)
And I left my bag in class, meaning I can't do any of my homeworks and projects.

Wow, I never knew life coul…

This maybe the best day of my life...

...I thought that this year would be THE WORST year in my entire life. I never have been so stressed in my life before but, today changed everything.

Yea, today is my birthday. Well, to me, birthdays aren't really a big thing so I don't really care. And to be honest, today is probably the best day of my life~~ Eventhough, my friends tricked me at first...

Well, my friends actually tricked me. Well, maybe I am a little to easy to trick. But anyways, one of my friend acted sick and she sent another friend up to get me. She made me worried & rushed down...only to find out that they organised a surprise party. Seriously, I was really shocked. I really never expected that.

Sincerely, this is the first birthday surprise party I got. (My last self organised birthday party was 4 years ago...) Nobody ever thrown a birthday party for me. And honestly, I am touched by their kindness. And guess what, I am truly happy today.

Although, I only known these friends for about a year but it feel…