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Thank You!

Last week, I fell sick and I actually missed a day of exam. Yup, I can see all the red marks all over my paper. Well, I got a flu...and thank god, it wasn't the influenza A(H1N1)! Anyway, I want to thank those who cared about me to bother to give me a call.
That was so sweet.

To be honest, this is the first time, anyone actually bothered if I was sick or I feel a little touched. I've only been with these friends for a year and a half and yet, they treat me so nice and they're the only people can go wack with.

Yea, it's hard to believe that my friends that I had 3 years friendship with doesn't care about me. Unbelievable, isn't it?

I mean, 2 years ago, I sprained my ankle. I couldn't really walk...I was limping at the speed of a tortoise. Nobody cared for me! Yea, where were you, Rena? Where were you, Lia? Yea, you guys didn't really care, did you?
Rena could still talk about her favourite TV show and she kept telling to walk faster. Yup...


Well, what do you think of cosplay? For those of you who don't know what is cosplay. Cosplay is an abbrevation of the words "Costume" and "Play". Cosplay means you dress up as your favourite character and act as that character.

Cosplay is not easy. Like what the above picture said, do your research. You actually have to research about the character you cosplaying as. Anyway, what do you all think of cosplaying.
To be honest, this year, I will be going to my first anime convention (yay!) and I will cosplaying for the first time. Yea, I am an anime fan. Bite me.

Unlike many cosplayers, I am NOT going to make my own costume. (ps, I dunno how to sew.) I'm just going to buy my costume from ebay. Yup, ebay rocks~~!

I'm going to cosplay as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. What do you think? Isn't it cool? Well, I love this show and he is my fav character!
Cosplaying is not easy because I have to look for his costume, wig, gloves, shoes and maybe even wear…

Is it the end of the world??

Recently, there's an outbreak. I mean, swine flu is dangerous. Oops...swine flu is now known as A(H1N1) Influenza. But anyways, I will still call it swine flu because it's shorter.
Swine flu is a virus that originated from pigs. But now, this flu has mutated and infected humans. Even the WHO (world health organization) has declared this to be a pandemic threat.

Why do I say it's the end of the world?? Well, let me tell you why...
1. Wars. (We're gonna eliminate our own species from Earth)
2. Global Warming. (Mother Nature is pissed...)
3. Swine Flu. (Even the virus wants us gone!)

I know that WHO is doing their very best to NOT let swine flu spread. But you never know if the virus might mutate again and end our existence. (Hey, you never know.)

Plus the economic keeps falling...I wonder how the government is going to deal with this.

No matter what happens, the world will end one day and the human race will cease to exist.

PS : I really miss those times when every morning seem…