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Sushi Party.

Ooohh...this event happened such a long time ago. Anyway, so it's time to blog about it.
During the school hols, I went to a sushi party. Well, we went grocery shoppin & made our own sushi. PS : Sushi is NOT easy to make!!

Thank you to Qi-chan & Jun-chan for making these cute invitation cards~!

This sushi party idea came about when Rushi & I wants to make our own sushi while hanging out with each other. Later, we told Jun-chan & Qi-chan about this. And soon enough, the sushi party became real & was held in Jun-chan's house~~!

On that day, we went to the shopping mall to do our grocery shopping for our sushi ingredients.(Only Qi-chan & Rin-chan didn't go shopping)

So then, we went to Jun-chan's house. We prepared our ingredients & started cooking.

Those are all the ingredients. It took us a while to shop for this stuff. I mean, you can't find sushi stuff easily because not everyone makes sushi~! But nowadays, it's a little easier to sear…

So what?!

Yea, so what if I do not know how to sew and cook. So what? It's not a big deal. I hate the look that everyone gives when they find this out. Does not knowing how to cook or sew make me any less of a girl?

"Girls must know how to cook and sew....I mean, you're a girl."

"Didn't your mother or school teach you how to sew & cook?"
Well, sorry to dissapoint you but my mother didn't have time to teach me & I never really paid attention to any of my home economics classes.(I normally just failed them) The basic of my cooking is making an omelette. But for sewing, I know nothing.

People look at me in disbelief...(even some of friends look at me this way.)
You have to learn it, they say. I normally nod my head & pretend to agree BUT what if I do not want to learn it. Is that so wrong??

How will you survive?
Well, I will...I just will. You don't need to care.

I was brought up by working parents. During my younger years, I was taken care by a nanny. …

Strive for perfection

Yesterday, I was just very angry & depressed. Nothing was goin my way. But I did not know why I was angry & depressed. I did everything wrong. I even got hit by a bike while crossing the road. Thank god, I'm fine... I juz got a bruised arm, have a broken plastic file and a sore knee.
And today, as I woke up, I find out that my left eye was swollen due to some dumb insect bite and my stomach don't feel so good. So I skipped skool today. But I was feeling more & more terrible

So with nothing to do... I turned on the TV and Oprah was on air. Oprah was discussing about "The Law Of Attraction". As I watch more, I suddenly had a realization. If "The Law Of Attraction" is about telling the universe what you want through your thoughts & actions. If "The Law Of Attraction" means what you give or say is what you get. Then, I'm goin about life the wrong way!

Louise Hay said that we should never beat up ourselves or scold ourselves instea…

All talk and no work...

"An empty barrel make the most noise"

This is so TRUE. For example, the rich don't brag. They just live their life with their luxurious stuff. A hardworking or kind person doesn't tell others about their effort or kindness. Instead they just DO IT.
They do not talk about it but they show it with actions.
I hate people who talks a hell lot & promise you this and that but they never fulfil their promise or do their work. Don't their parents teach them to honour their words. Well, mine did...and I do my best to honour all my words.
When I say that I would do it, I do it! (unless some unforeseen circumstances come & interupt)

Ok, I know that I'm not the most quiet person around. Yea, I make a hell alot of noise. Well, I just love to talk...I just need to talk. I'm the kind of person who can talk about anything. So if I followed this rule, maybe I'm a little empty. I guess I have to work on myself. (We're ALL work in progress...)

Sometimes, the one t…

Happy Father's Day

This year, Father's Day was a little different. I woke up early in the morning to find that my dad is in a meeting. So I walked around, to check if he was really gone. I saw my mother sitting on the couch, mumbling. I didn't felt like going back to bed so I sat next to my mother and begun talking to her.

She was complaining about my father. She is also worried about out family finances because according to her, my father is gonna quit his job in August. (this job currently sucked)
She thinks that my father is :
~ Too prideful to get help
~ Too stubborn to admit his faults
~ Has a bad-temper

Well, my dad is not always like this...just sometimes. He's just human. But then again, my mother sighed & smiled because she knew my father is a nice person because :
~ He's caring
~ A good listener
~ Sarcastic & funny

I still remember the time when I was young, when both my parents weren't so busy, when we still had fun.
I was a little girl, I was slightly more closer to my fa…

Depressing week

It has been a depressing week. Everything just seems so depressing or indifferent. Seriously, I have been feeling like this for the entire week. Everything is so anti-climatic since the BRATs Ipoh 2009 Journalism Workshop.

...exams results are out and unfortunately, I did NOT do well in them.
English Language ~ D-
Mathematics ~ F
Science ~ C-
Economics ~ A-
History ~ D-
Accouting ~ F

*sigh* I have 2 F's. Report Card Day will be next week and I can already imagine my parents killing me. (I'm so sure my mum is going to ban me frum the internet & TV)

Anyway, to top things off, I was reading yesterday newspaper. Well, there was an article about the winners of a video competition. My friends and I joined that competition and we won the 2nd place. However, we did not go to the prize-giving ceremony because we all had things to do. (I went to BRATs I can't be in 2 places at once.) In addition, they changed the venue & the date of the prize-giving ceremony so...that w…

BRATs Ipoh 2009 (part 1)

Ok, I'm finally part of BRATs! BRATs means :

BRATs Workshop is a workshop about journalism. We really were exposed to a journalist life. If you think a journalist life is easy, well, it ain't. There's crazy deadlines that means, you have to rush your work. We even get to interview an indie band. (I never knew a indie band meant tat it was an independent band).

Anyway, we went street poling. Yup, we went to streets to interview people about their interview. I'm in Video Group One AKA Team Banana.

Our group was pretty awesome. Everyone was just so cool and hyper. I miss everyone!!

Our videographer being very steady and focus. She's so good that it's as if, she was the tripod. Haha, the future VJ, Mark Chan. If I hear his name one more time, I'll puke. (While editing the video, we heard his name a thousand god damn times)

BWAHAHA, one of our interview victims. Poor dude, he got dragged in and was forced to be interviewed.

All of us posing …