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All talk and no work...

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"An empty barrel make the most noise"

This is so TRUE. For example, the rich don't brag. They just live their life with their luxurious stuff. A hardworking or kind person doesn't tell others about their effort or kindness. Instead they just DO IT.
They do not talk about it but they show it with actions.
I hate people who talks a hell lot & promise you this and that but they never fulfil their promise or do their work. Don't their parents teach them to honour their words. Well, mine did...and I do my best to honour all my words.
When I say that I would do it, I do it! (unless some unforeseen circumstances come & interupt)

Ok, I know that I'm not the most quiet person around. Yea, I make a hell alot of noise. Well, I just love to talk...I just need to talk. I'm the kind of person who can talk about anything. So if I followed this rule, maybe I'm a little empty. I guess I have to work on myself. (We're ALL work in progress...)

Sometimes, the one that says that they're strong and that they can take anyone down is sometimes the one who falls the easiest. People who claim that they will NEVER EVER CRY! (Even I cry, but tatz rare. I think tat there's somethin wrong wit my tear ducts) They will cry...just not in front of everyone.

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Do not fear the one who looks strong but fear the silent ones.

The silent ones never tell you what's on their mind or shows you what's going on never know what they'll do or react.

Even for myself, I don't know how I'll react to certain things. I have always thought that I'm weak. I'm still learning how to be strong...but still, don't underestimate me. I can be strong.
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Silent Pictures, Images and Photos
BTW, I too can be polite & ladylike. I'm not all about being rough & mean. Oh yea, believe it!
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Oh well, I said too much already. Gotta go, bye!


Luffy Sam said…

Thank ~~
You are not talk to much ~~
Because you got heart ~~
Want to share ~~

If you not care about it ...
you will not share ~~

That is me ~~
Happy and sharing S@m ~~
guitargirl said…
Those are some kewl pics.

The little family reunion we had was great :) I don't get to see those members of my fam that much so we had some fun :)

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