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So what?!

Yea, so what if I do not know how to sew and cook. So what? It's not a big deal. I hate the look that everyone gives when they find this out. Does not knowing how to cook or sew make me any less of a girl?

"Girls must know how to cook and sew....I mean, you're a girl."

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"Didn't your mother or school teach you how to sew & cook?"
Well, sorry to dissapoint you but my mother didn't have time to teach me & I never really paid attention to any of my home economics classes.(I normally just failed them) The basic of my cooking is making an omelette. But for sewing, I know nothing.

People look at me in disbelief...(even some of friends look at me this way.)
You have to learn it, they say. I normally nod my head & pretend to agree BUT what if I do not want to learn it. Is that so wrong??

How will you survive?
Well, I will...I just will. You don't need to care.

I was brought up by working parents. During my younger years, I was taken care by a nanny. And her job was just to make sure I eat and do my homework. No, don't give me that sad pitiful look. Guess what, I'm fine being brought up this way. Sure, I used to be jealous of kids whose mums are housewives BUT if my mum is a housewife, my life would be quite boring. My mum will make sure I study, that means I won't get to watch TV or go online.

Eventhough, my parents aren't around during the weekdays. They would be around during the weekends to make up for all that lost time. We would always go out & enjoy ourselves. But as I grew up, we just stayed home. Even so, we would spend our weekends catching up with each other.

By being brought this way, I was taught to be independent. I was taught to handle my own issues. I was taught to speak my mind out, to have opinions. Yea, I wasn't those kids who went crying to their mother for a bruised thumb. And yup, I was one of those kids who talked alot in class, sometimes, disagreeing with what the teacher is saying. So yea, teachers thought that I was damn troublesome & annoying.

Well, I seen my parents bringing their paperwork home before. I used to just sit right next to them and watch them. They were so busy...and it amazes me how focus they were in their job.
So yea, I put importance in career. When I was younger, I knew that I want to be a working busy person when I grow up. It looks like so much FUN!
Plus haven't you heard that "To retire is to expire."? Yea, I rather work than to retire. And guess what, those are my parents plans too.

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And for your info, I do not have rich parents. My parents are just hardworking people who wanted to make a better life for their children.

And even until today, I still want to be a successful business person. So what if I know more about event management and journalism than I know about cooking and sewing. So what?!

BTW, I just want everyone to know that having working parents isn't wrong or pitiful. Just because my parents are always working, does not make them bad parents. Children of working parents sometimes aren't troubled but instead we're level headed, mature people. So quit assuming that working parents are wrong and kids of working parents needs pity and proper parents.

I'm tired of people telling what I should be. I'm tired of people telling my parents how to educate their children. I'm tired of all of this shit!

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Chelsea~ said…
Yo neko-chan~~ I'm guilty Hehehehe ^^

"I'm guilty but not sorry~"
Luffy Sam said…
Yes, you are correct !!
Girl don't know cook and sew so what ??
Boy know do house work so what ???

Depend what I want and what you want ~~
Every people road also not same ~~

Parents also not same ~~
But I know one things !!!
Parents 100% love us just .... using not same ways compare other !!!

I love you mum and dad !!!

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