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Strive for perfection

Yesterday, I was just very angry & depressed. Nothing was goin my way. But I did not know why I was angry & depressed. I did everything wrong. I even got hit by a bike while crossing the road. Thank god, I'm fine... I juz got a bruised arm, have a broken plastic file and a sore knee.
And today, as I woke up, I find out that my left eye was swollen due to some dumb insect bite and my stomach don't feel so good. So I skipped skool today. But I was feeling more & more terrible
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So with nothing to do... I turned on the TV and Oprah was on air. Oprah was discussing about "The Law Of Attraction". As I watch more, I suddenly had a realization. If "The Law Of Attraction" is about telling the universe what you want through your thoughts & actions. If "The Law Of Attraction" means what you give or say is what you get. Then, I'm goin about life the wrong way!

Louise Hay said that we should never beat up ourselves or scold ourselves instead we should appreciate ourselves & everythin around us.(I'm the type of person who always scold myself.)

Then, I realize something. I understand why I was angry yesterday and why I always scold myself. It is because...I want to be the BEST. And to me, being the best meant being perfect.
I wanted to be perfect in every way. I want to be smart and talented...
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Why did I want to be perfect? Well, who wouldn't?
When I was a little girl, I remembered when my father stroked my hair and told me that when I grew up, I would be a somebody and that I would always be his perfect little girl. He told me that I have what it takes to be a somebody and I believed him.
I didn't want to dissappoint my parents and myself.
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Yesterday, I was angry because I broke a promise to friend and that I couldn't go to my school fair this Saturday due to my French class.

But guess what, I realize something, all thanx to Louise Hay and Oprah. So from now on, I'm going to appreciate myself, everyone and everything around me. I'm gonna stop scolding myself instead, I'm goin to plan ahead and execute the plan. I'm gonna put a smile on my face & be happy, live my life & achieve my dreams!! Oh yea...
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As for my friend, I'm gonna call her & apologise to her one more time. As for the skool fair, I'm going because the french class is postponed to next Saturday.

I'm done with trying to be perfect. I'm just gonna be ME!

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Luffy Sam said…
Don't sad ...
Yesterday i also sad ....

Michael Jackson like this leave us already ......
but our life still need to go on !!
Fight !!!

Like you blog said !!
Fight for it !!
Become somebody !!!
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