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Sushi Party.

Ooohh...this event happened such a long time ago. Anyway, so it's time to blog about it.
During the school hols, I went to a sushi party. Well, we went grocery shoppin & made our own sushi. PS : Sushi is NOT easy to make!!

Thank you to Qi-chan & Jun-chan for making these cute invitation cards~!

This sushi party idea came about when Rushi & I wants to make our own sushi while hanging out with each other. Later, we told Jun-chan & Qi-chan about this. And soon enough, the sushi party became real & was held in Jun-chan's house~~!

On that day, we went to the shopping mall to do our grocery shopping for our sushi ingredients.(Only Qi-chan & Rin-chan didn't go shopping)

So then, we went to Jun-chan's house. We prepared our ingredients & started cooking.

Those are all the ingredients. It took us a while to shop for this stuff. I mean, you can't find sushi stuff easily because not everyone makes sushi~! But nowadays, it's a little easier to search for sushi ingredients.
While grocery shopping, Rushi-tan was a hastle. She was always dissappearing, forcing Jun-chan & I to search for her!! Poor Jun-chan, she looked stressed when Rushi dissappears. Rushi-tan really strengthen my idea of shopping being horrible!

Jun-chan cooking the soba. Jun-chan really know alot about the kitchen & cooking soba. Jun-chan is an expert in Japanese cuisine. While, I'm just an expert in eating cuisines. Neko-chan is just looking at Jun-chan, trying to see what she can help.

Everyone making the sushi... Did you notice something? Did you notice that we're wearing plastic gloves?? Hehe...

(The picture above is Rin-chan(left), Ka-chan(centre)shaping her sushi and Rushi(right) eating cucumber~~!PS : Rushi is a cucumber lover~!)

Hmm, cooking is just NOT my forte. Well, when people roll their sushi into a ball. Rushi-tan & I just couldn't roll the sushi rice into a ball. Instead, our rice will just stick all over our hands. In the end, we're eating the rice off our hands. But for everyone else, their sushi making seem to be going well.

Later, Jun-chan maid gave us an advice. She asked us to use plastic gloves and we followed it. Presto, Rushi & I could make yummy sushi without dirtying our hands or getting rice all over our hands.

Everyone was working hard at their sushi.Can you seen the effort in their faces while making the sushi? (Well, some of us...not all of us...hehe..)

Well, after several hours of making...We finally had some pretty looking sushi.

And we had one special onigiri named Arthur(from Axis Powers Hetalia) made by Rin-chan. She was quite proud of it.

Rin-chan(left) posing with Arthur onigiri(centre) and Jun-chan(right)

Who wouldn't feel hungry after a day of shopping, cooking & making sushi?? C'mon, can we eat already?? But we couldn't eat yet because we need to give somebody a birthday surprise!!

We gave Qi-chan a birthday surprise!! It was such a special day~! Not only did we have a gathering to make sushi, we also celebrated Qi-chan's birthday~!

We bought Qi-chan a lovely delicious yam cake. We even had sparkling juice to go along with this cake. Yum yum...

Qi-chan wearing her new birthday present. Eventhough it's pink, it's still nice. Qi-chan must have been very happy on that day!!

Well, that was an awesome day where we just had fun~~! We even played a game. A game where people get punished. There were all kind of punishments from eating wasabi to drinking a saucer full of soy sauce.
Awesome, awesome day. It's this kind of days that make life colourful~~!

Beautiful days that will forever be remembered. Beautiful days that will be told again & again. Beautiful days that will create cherished memories...


Luffy Sam said…
Aiyaya ~~
So enjoy !!
So creative !!!
So happy !!
So lovely !!
So hardworking !!
So team work !!
So cute !!

Really nice sushi party !!!
Where is my sushi ??
I also want ~~

Outside de also no nice compare with you all make de ~~
Because you all using heart to make it ~~

Yahoo ~~~
Next time , remember keep one for me lo :P
Chelsea said…
ka-chan hayai ne~~ you'll read this tomorrow anyway~~ I am NOT a hassle at shopping. I was getting IMPORTANT stuff (cucumber 4 sushi) It was you all who were slow hump ^^ XD~~ I'l do my own version of sushi party blog =D
guitargirl said…
Heheh. That sounds like a fun time! I've never had got some good pictures too.
Thank you for putting me on your blogroll! :-D
Paul said…
Sushi is not really one of my favourites. But parties are!
Anonymous said…
The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


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