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We're not troubled.

Ok, why do some of teacher's in my school thinks that my class is troubled?

Just because we talk and sleep during class does not mean that we're troubled. Well, my class is not exactly friendly and my class is separated into several groups. Not everyone know each other personally, we just stick to our own groups and don't give a shit.

HOWEVER, my class with stick together and work together when we're put in trouble. And so we have been... Teacher's come to our class and said that we are the most annoying, rudest and undisciplined kids EVER. And they also dissed our parents, saying that our parents sometimes neglect us or something like that.

Nobody disses my parents! My parents are good nice people who raised me up the right way. They even deserve an award for their good job!

Teacher's always come into classes, expecting quiet, obedient and perfect children waiting for their lessons. Guess what, it ain't that way...not anymore, not since kindergarten. So of cou…

I still love cars

I didn't know that I still love cars. When I was 11, I really love cars...well, sportcars. Yup, I'm a car lover. Maybe other girls like shopping, make up and shoes but I like cars, star wars and music. There was even a time when my room was decorated with sportcar posters everywhere.
My favourite sportcar used to be that red ferrari (Damn, I forgot what model that was already.)

Anyway, yesterday, I was reading some automotor magazine when I saw the beautiful Toyota Prius!

Yea, I know it looks like any ordinary car but this car is different. Did you know that this car is one of the most aerodynamic car EVER~? Oh yea...
This car can accelerate from 0kph-100kph in under 11 seconds. That's fast.
This car has lots of space and room. It has only 80 horse power, well, that's not much but hey, this is a family car.

This car has pretty nice features such as a FM/AM CD player with MP3/WMA support with eight speakers. Yes, it has 8 speakers! IT also has bluetooth-enabled handphone conn…

It is raining.

It rained in the morning. I really liked it when it rains. Unlike some people, I have always loved the stormy dark skies and I really loved it when it rained heavily. Too bad, the rain stopped too fast. Even so, I still love the rain.

I love the smell of the rain on everything.
I love the sound the raindrops make.
I love the how the raindrops feel when it touches my skin.
I love how the rain always seem to cool everything around me.

It felt chilly and breezy when it rained. I wished I could dance and play in the rain. Too bad, I had school. If I didn't, I would have done that.

Like I said, I've been feeling under the weather. I'm happy that it rained because the rain really calms me down.

When it rained, I wanted to cry so much. It's been a long while since I cried. As much as I wanted to cry, I couldn't because I was in school. If I were in my room, maybe I would have cried my eyes out.

But enough about crying, it's time for dancing. Currently, life has been a littl…

Where do I stand now?

I used to know myself and what I wanted...but not anymore.

When I look back into the past, things seemed so nice and beautiful. In the past, I knew myself and my dreams. Yet, I still know how to have fun and go wild.

Now, I don't even know who I am anymore.

As my reread my life, I realise how much I've lost and achieved. I realise how much I have changed and how things have changed.
But as I stand here today...I've lost myself. Not only that, I've been a weak moron who breaks down every moment.
...What do I do now?

I've lost some old buddies and gained some new friends.
Well, let's just say things are different now.

Currently, I've been feeling like crap so I created a character from this turmoil I have. I write as a way to calm myself down.
She's borned from my crap and she'll die for absolutely nothing. A meaningless death.

Her name is Lunette Anya Lux. My princess of despair.

As I create her, I realise that she is so much stronger than me. So beautiful an…

Code Geass

Code Geass an anime...and I was recently rewatching it. This anime is an action show. I'm not recommending you this show. I just rewatched it and I felt like blogging about it.

The story begun with a 17 year old student who is also a discarded Britannian prince, Lelouch Lamperouge receiving a power called "Geass" from C.C(His contractor, he made a contract with her). With Geass, he plans to change the world by destroying Brittania. The reason he wants to change the world is because he wants to create a kinder world for Nunnally, his blind and waist-down paralysed sister.

Soon, he even had his own army called the Order Of The Black Knights. He continue to fight Brittania as a terrorist called Zero leading the Order Of The Black Knights!
Somehow, he becomes 99th Emperor of Brittania and the 1st Emperor of the World!
In the end, he sacrifes himself...for the peace of the world. (He was like Hitler when he ruled the world!)

I couldn't but just sigh at Lelouch and wonder at ou…

Crazy teacher!

Suddenly, we have to change teacher! I wonder what was wrong with my current Civic teacher...but if the school wants to change our teacher, do we have a choice?

Sincerely, I think Civic class stupid. Civic class won't make any of us more civic-minded or kinder. How can sitting in a class, discussing about proper manners make us more well-mannered? We, students can always give the right answers about manners BUT do we actually follow it??

Anyway, to me, Civic classes are just like free period where you can RELAX after a whole day of Maths, English & Science!!

THEN, a new Civic teacher came! And that changed my Civic lessons forever!

I have this new indian teacher named, Vicknesswary...we call her miss Vickness. Her name sounds like illness or sickness to me. She's the kind of teacher who wants absolute silence, absolute order and absolute respect! She even tell us to ask permission from her if we wanted to drink water.

Last week, when I whispered to Rushi in class. She actually …

Being a journalist~!

Last Sunday, I went to CHEER 2009. (CHEER is an annual cheerleading competition.) So I went to CHEER 2009 as a journalist. BRATs(young journalists) were all getting together to meet each other and be journalists in this event.
I was quite excited about being a journalist in a real live event, doing live coverage. That's just cool. Everyone was with their camera's, ready to snap the pictures.

Yup, ever since the BRATs workshop, I'm sure everyone has become :~
a)A blogger
b)A camera lover
c) Has a freaking twitter account
d) Addicted to the computer and the internet

So yea, the workshop really did wonders to us!

After the BRATs workshop, I thought I already had the taste of real journalism with insane deadlines. I thought the workshop has already shown us everything about journalism. Boy, was I wrong? I thought I knew journalism from head to toe...but I'm wrong. There is so much more to journalism.

On that morning, I went backstage. (WOOHOO~! Journalists are allowed backstage &am…

My First French Class

Well, last Saturday, I went to my first french class. Seriously, my parents force me to learn this language because they think that we might migrate to France in 5 years time. However, I still felt excited because I want never exactly learned a new language before.(Excluding learning Japanese from watching excessive japanese animation(anime))

I left my house at 9.30, giving myself enough time to reach my class. My class starts from 10.00am-1.00pm. So I took the train...never did I thought the train would be late. The train was delayed!
In the end, I was 15 minutes late. In my head, I was thinking,"Oh shit! How can I be late for my first class?!"

When I reached the Language School, a lady was kind enough to show me to my class and she gave me my textbook.

I never knew the Language School was this big. I just expected it to be small. I never knew that this School is 3 storey high. You actually have to climb up the stairs. This school even has a mini library. That's pretty coo…


Yay! Finally, I have a locker!! Oh yea, finally~! Well, my school finally buys several lockers and loan it to us students. Nope, it's NOT for free and the lockers are limited. So that means, you have to apply for the lockers and pray hard.(it is a first come, first serve basis)
But anyway, I am lucky and I got a locker. (It always pays to come to school SUPER early to submit an application.)

Now, atleast, I don't have to carry heavy backpacks and more books!! I can just put some of my books in my lockers!

Oh yea, so now I have a locker, I don't have to suffer so much. The locker loan cost $10 per month. Yea, it is NOT cheap! Well, I'm sharing my locker with Rushi. So it's cheaper, we only pay $5 each every month.

It's incredible that our school actually found a place to put all these lockers. I mean, the school is always saying how there's no space for anything! But they managed to find some space. They put the locker next to the bookstore, in a really narrow c…