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My First French Class

Well, last Saturday, I went to my first french class. Seriously, my parents force me to learn this language because they think that we might migrate to France in 5 years time. However, I still felt excited because I want never exactly learned a new language before.(Excluding learning Japanese from watching excessive japanese animation(anime))

I left my house at 9.30, giving myself enough time to reach my class. My class starts from 10.00am-1.00pm. So I took the train...never did I thought the train would be late. The train was delayed!
In the end, I was 15 minutes late. In my head, I was thinking,"Oh shit! How can I be late for my first class?!"

When I reached the Language School, a lady was kind enough to show me to my class and she gave me my textbook.

I never knew the Language School was this big. I just expected it to be small. I never knew that this School is 3 storey high. You actually have to climb up the stairs. This school even has a mini library. That's pretty cool~!

Luckily, the teacher was also late due to the delayed train. I entered the class to find 7 other people sitting in the class, waiting for the teacher. So, I quickly sat in the last seat available.
Lesson 1 : Don't be late!
Well, being late isn't polite and all the best seats will be taken if you're late.

Guess what, I am the youngest one there. Everyone else is 18-35 years old. I'm the ONLY 16 year old person! It just feels so odd to be the youngest one there.

BTW, my french class is in Room 9~!

This is my classroom for my french class. So this is Room 9... Like it?

Anyway, sitting in the far corner was hard because the teacher stands there as he writes he french stuff. I can't copy if my view is blocked and he teaches very fast. Honestly, I think that french is a little hard due to the pronounciation. It's different and it reminds me of phonics. It's like learning phonics all over again. PS : I hate phonics and I suck at it. Other than that, it's fine.
Lesson 2 : French is like learning phonics.

The french teacher is telling us not to translate french into english. He wants us to think french and be french. Yea, I get that...BUT what am I going to translate french into? Does he wants me to translate french into french?? BUT I don't know french...that's why I'm in french class...duh...
He should chill and let us translate french in english so that we understand french. Then, later, when we understand french, he can make us be or think french.

Anyway, in my entire french class, there are 2 people who understands french super fast. However, I'm pretty bad at french right now. The teacher keeps correcting me & focusing on me. I hate being focused at!
Finally, class is OVER~!!

I took a picture of the seats when everyone left. I sit next to that girl. My seat is on right end of the picture. That green/brown bag in that seat is mine

Here's my teacher's desk. In 3 hours, he managed to teach us some greetings, intoduction, verbs and numbers up to 20.

My French Textbook. Not exactly the best looking textbook, right?

I hope I get to really understand the essence of french. Anyway, next week is going to be interesting because I have forgotten everything.


Luffy Sam said…
Nice school, nice class, nice place.

I am just helping friends.
She is a girl because alone so i help her.

You see the picture a cute girls that is her.
Boss boss

Lated will got more photo , see me how to clean, wash the cafe


You also must keep up !!
I also don't know how to teach you because all my language is not good.
Other subject that I great !!

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