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Last Monday, I had to cook dinner for my family because the caterer thought we didn't want our dinner tonight. There was a HUGE miscommunication. And since, I'm home early...I got the responsibility to make my family dinner.

At first, I was shell shocked. I mean, are you kidding me? Me, cook? Are you really serious? My cooking skills do not go beyond microwaved meals, scrambled eggs & boiling canned soup. So this was gonna be a little interesting.
But my parents insist I make dinner because they were coming late tonight & they didn't feel like eating out. So forcefully, I took that challenge.

I walked around the pantry & found some stuff. Then, I decided to make spagetti for dinner~!

Thank god for instructions. I was just following it.

I sliced some ham so that I can put in the sauce & make it more delicious~!!

Really, thank god for Dolmio spagetti sauces.

My mum really love Dolmio spagetti sauce. SO she always buys this stuff in case of emergencies like this one.

Light Yagami

Recently, I rewatched another anime which is Death Note. Death Note is a pretty epic anime & I love it. Yea, I know I'm suppose to be studying but I guess this is my anime season. I've been watching anime after anime. But death note is the last in my anime list.

Well, death note is about a notebook that can kill people by just writing their name in that notebook. And so, this story begins with a boy named Light Yagami who picks up this death note and use it to cleanse the world by killing criminals. Then, L, a super detective tries to catch him and so a cat and mouse situation began.

I'm not recommending this anime to you BUT if you wanna watch it. I'm not gonna stop you. This anime is awesome because of it's mental mindgames. And you're always left wondering who will win the last battle.

Anyway, what amazed me is Light Yagami. The perfect son, intelligent student and an example of the elites. I'm so damn jealous of him.

He's absolutely perfect! I mean,…

I know what I want.

Clannad After Story gave me a slap in my face. And I found out that I have no reason to be upset or unhappy.

Clannad made me realise that I shouldn't be upset instead rejoice about everything I have in life. Not only that, it really motivated me. Look, I was about to give up. At that moment, I believed that winners and losers are borned. And IF you ain't born special, forget it. For a moment, I believed that.

UNTIL, I watched Clannad and realise that I do not deserve to be unhappy.

Recently, I was feeling upset because I was thinking about the past or comparing myself with those talented people who seem to have it all. And I thought to myself, didn't I used to be one of these talented people??
When I was 12, I was a public speaker, main choral speaker, choir member, pretty damn good chess player, got good school grades and I was happy. Isn't that just the perfect girl? (Well, perfection doesn't exist. So wasn't I almost perfect?)

THEN, what happened? Soon, I'm …


I know this post is a little late...I was quite busy lately so I apologize for this late post.
I was watching Clannad ~After Story~ and that show really made me cry & sob. I have never done that while watching a show. That show main theme is definately LOVE.

This show is about this delinquent bum named Tomoya Okazaki who meets a girl name Nagisa Furukawa. They became friends and later, they fell in love with each other. Akio and Sanae (Nagisa parents) even allowed him to stay in their house while he was going through a rough patch with his dad. His dad is a alcoholic and Tomoya doesn't have mother because she died when Tomoya was a kid.
After they graduate, Tomoya and Nagisa got married. Nagisa was soon pregnant and because she had a weak body, she died while giving birth to Ushio. Tomoya got depressed and gave his daughter to Akio and Sanae. When he finally got the guts to raise her up, she falls sick and dies.

If that isn't sad, then, I don't know what is.

This show had m…

2nd Semester Test.

This week I had my semester test. That isn't good for me because I haven't studied. Heck, I didn't even know I was going to have a semester test until I found out last week. Everyone was studying last week and I wondered why, then, a friend told me that we're having a test next week.
Shit, I need to study, don't I?


~Basic Enonomics

So, on Monday, I had Basic Economics and Moral. Economics has always been a piece of cake however this time, I screwed up at one part. And that's the part with the most marks. *sighs* I screwed up at the demand and price graph.

Moral was hard because I didn't memorise the keywords for some of the moral values.
(I wonder, why must we take a Moral test? Taking a moral test will not make us morally good people.)


~English Language
~Accounting Principles

English was always a piece of cake. It's quite simple however I think there's a mistake in the cloze passage because I couldn't find an answer for one ques…

What a day...

Last Saturday, I wake up early in the morning to go to my French class. A usual Saturday routine. Somehow, last Saturday, my dad had a course so my mum is the one who is going to send me to my french class. We had a hearty breakfast and we were in for a shock.

As my drove, we suddenly realise that Palace Boulevard was closed. This road is the main road that links to a highway which allows to drive to the suburbs. My family always uses this road and now, it's blocked by the police due to the protesters!!

(Dunno what they were protesting about but thanks to them. There was a terrible traffic jam!!)

I knew I was going to be late. Very late. So I told my mum to use a shortcut. (I thought she knew the shortcut but I was wrong...) My mum turned into some road that she has no idea about. Anyway, when she turns into that road. We were free from the traffic. WOOHOO~!

I was really happy when we were no longer stuck in that jam.

As my mum continue driving, my mum suddenly asked "Where are we…