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2nd Semester Test.

This week I had my semester test. That isn't good for me because I haven't studied. Heck, I didn't even know I was going to have a semester test until I found out last week. Everyone was studying last week and I wondered why, then, a friend told me that we're having a test next week.
Shit, I need to study, don't I?


~Basic Enonomics

So, on Monday, I had Basic Economics and Moral. Economics has always been a piece of cake however this time, I screwed up at one part. And that's the part with the most marks. *sighs* I screwed up at the demand and price graph.

Moral was hard because I didn't memorise the keywords for some of the moral values.
(I wonder, why must we take a Moral test? Taking a moral test will not make us morally good people.)


~English Language
~Accounting Principles

English was always a piece of cake. It's quite simple however I think there's a mistake in the cloze passage because I couldn't find an answer for one question...or is it just me?

Accounts was frusfrating because I couldn't balance out the trial balance. (Actually, my entire class couldn't balance it out.) Gosh, I really hate unbalanced accounts.

Science was hard because of all the chemistry stuff. I'm not too good at chemistry. Too much substances, too much theories and stuff to remember. *sigh*



I studied history last minute.(Wait, I study everything last minute.) It was quite easy because I could actually understand and answer the questions. So history was a no sweat test.


~Additional Mathematics

Oh god, my two worst subject on a single day. Time to prepare for my doom...*sigh* Anyway, I totally screwed up Add Maths eventhough I studied it. When I stared into the paper, I completely forgot the symbols, formula's and equations. So, I was pretty much doomed in Add Maths. I knew I flunk that paper.

Mathematics however was a different story. I thought Maths would be another killer but I'm wrong. In fact, it was quite okay. I could answer the questions without much hassle. Man, Maths seems like a baby compared to Add Maths.
(PS : I didn't study Maths...)

Conclusion :

I think the test was quite okay. Even so, I still hate test, exams and studying.
But still, I gotta study for my year that my grades won't suck.

i hate exams Pictures, Images and Photos

studying sucks Pictures, Images and Photos

Lies High School Tells You Pictures, Images and Photos
(LOL at this quote...but I find it kinda true.)


Luffy Sam said…
haha !!!

Small small study scard exam ...
Work already lazy to go work ...and want to go back school.
Old already want to work cannot ....and everyday enjoy boring ....

Human is like that ...
This is call life .
When got .. 100% don't love it ..
When no got .. then said want ...

So become human is like that ...
really funny de.

Want = don't want
Don't want = want.
Call you all see red light don't across !!!
No people listen
guitargirl said…
LOL @ that last icon.

"These will be the years you look back on fondly."

With people telling stressed-out high school kids that all the time, is it no wonder so many of them are comitting suicide? ;) HAHA! *Ahem*

Thanx for the comment on my Hershey post. After seeing the nice work of some of these people, I'm beginning to think I need a LOT more practice than I had originally hoped ;)

Take care & good luck on ur exams...

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