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WTF moment...

Ok, I was just rereading my last post on my blog and I have only one reaction which was WTF...

I mean, honestly I was rereading that post and I felt slightly disgusted. Since when did I even cared about bands? Since when did I even cared about a korean boyband? And I sounded like a complete idiotic screaming fangirl.

I can't believe I sounded like a fangirl because all this while, I have thought that fangirls are stupid...and believe me, they are. (No offence indended but that's the bloody truth.)
But if fangirls didn't exist, then alot of stars would have almost NO fans at all.
Even so,I hate squeeling girls...and what's worse is to be stuck in between a crowd of fangirls and that there's no way out.
So my policy, RUN when you see a fangirl.

I have always all this while loved music but not the bands. I love the song, just not the band. But as I read that last blog post, I felt really stupid & disgusted. And did I write that Hyun Joong is hot? Ok, I feel like a moron…

Oh My God, I'm so happy (or not)

Today has been a terrible day because :

1. My Economic group presentation sucked
2. I have to do my moral project.
3. One of my exercise book is missing
4. My maths teacher asked us to pass up work that I haven't done.
5. I have a freaking sorethroat
6. I have a slight headache

Today was terrible until...I came home to watch some stuff on youtube & google some random stuff that was on my mind. (Well, the internet always brighten my day.)

Well, My day became perfect when I found out that SS501 is coming for their first asia tour on December or January~~!!

Yay~!! I'm so going to their concert!!! They're my favourite korean boyband~!

Ok, who is SS501? Well, SS501 is a super popular korean boyband.

Thanks to the famous Boys Over Flowers korean drama, I also fell in love with this korean band. The SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong acted as Yoon Ji Hoo in the Boys Over Flowers drama~!

Well, thanks to that drama. I'm currently korean drama high & in love with Kim Hyun Joong~!!

Anyway, …

Don't label me, please?

Yesterday, a "close" friend of mine called. We haven't seen or talked to each other for several months so I was glad she called. And so we talked...
Sally asked me if I was going to the christmas party. Obviously, I couldn't go because I need to celebrate christmas with my family.

Somehow, Sally exploded and told me things that kinda slapped me in the face. She said that I was a person who doesn't know what I want and that I didn't care about anything. She said that I was becoming a emo and that I can't stand on my own two feet.

She said more stuff but I just smiled and I didn't say anything. I didn't feel like arguing with her.

Don't label me, please? I'm just, well, ME~!
Friends don't do this to each other. Whatever happen to friends forever? Whatever happen to watching each other back? *sigh*

Whatever...She still acts like she's ten. I wish she grew up and stop acting so sensitive.
But I have a feeling that she won't. I know her th…

I don't want to move.

My dad wants us to move. He wants us to move to my grandparents old house. Actually, I don't want to move there. Heck, my entire family hates that idea. Because my dad says we have to move, we don't really have a choice.

They are planning to move in October. We can't really say anything against this because we all know how much my dad spent on renovating that old crappy shit house. That house cost my dad a bomb & it ain't even worth it!

Thanks to this crappy house, my dad have debts again. And because this is my former grandparents house, my uncles and grandmother is chasing my dad for their stuff. Well, they all moved out but they still have their crap in that house which one thing I freaking hate. Can you believe they want us to keep their stuff but they don't want to take it? They don't want to ruin their pretty little houses.

But my dad got pissed and so, he threw most of the crap stuff out. Yea, he threw their stuff out...not a smart move. So, a big argum…