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WTF moment...

Ok, I was just rereading my last post on my blog and I have only one reaction which was WTF...

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I mean, honestly I was rereading that post and I felt slightly disgusted. Since when did I even cared about bands? Since when did I even cared about a korean boyband? And I sounded like a complete idiotic screaming fangirl.

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I can't believe I sounded like a fangirl because all this while, I have thought that fangirls are stupid...and believe me, they are. (No offence indended but that's the bloody truth.)
But if fangirls didn't exist, then alot of stars would have almost NO fans at all.
Even so,I hate squeeling girls...and what's worse is to be stuck in between a crowd of fangirls and that there's no way out.
So my policy, RUN when you see a fangirl.

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I have always all this while loved music but not the bands. I love the song, just not the band. But as I read that last blog post, I felt really stupid & disgusted. And did I write that Hyun Joong is hot? Ok, I feel like a moron right now.

Ok, there must be a reason for this sudden burst of stupid fangirlism. I'm never becoming a fangirl even if it means saving my life.
The reason for the fangirlism?
My delayed hormones that I never wanted is finally kicking in at 16.

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hormones Pictures, Images and Photos

As much as I don't want to be a fangirl, I still want to go that SS501 concert.
- Not because they're hot.
- Not because I just need a concert to go to
But because I like MOST of their songs. They just know how to make good music. I don't mind being stuck between some fangirls if it means listening to good music.


Luffy Sam said…
hehe !!
Don't angry, angry easy grow old and not cute lo !!
haha !!
Happy is in our heart !!
People said this and that ... may be their jelous or what !!
hehe !!

Like that time I remember that !!
I see a drama korean is call what ??
Forget !!

A korean small girl grow up from cook and become doctor save people.
Very famous !!
My parents see also feel nice !!
The atitude paretns teach the child.
The ways suffer also can fight to end !!

No blame other !!
Great movie. !!

Music also famous !

I love the movie not the actor is the sprit of the movie.
The care, the teaching, the lesson.
I love it.
I see until cry.
Luffy Sam said…
Forget to tell you !!
I love your heart desires !!
That is your dream.
You want !!
I love that !!

List down it !!
Plan it !!
Take action on it !!
Thank for sharing !!
I get a lesson too !!

A Girl's Heart Desires...
~ To join more camps & competition
~ Go to Japan via AFS programme
~ Score straight A's for my exam
~ Become Asst. Programme Director in AKLTG programmes
~ Write & Read French by Dec 2010
~ A Sony waio laptop
~ DSLR Canon/ Nikon D series camera
~ A Toyota Prius
~ To travel around the world
~ A Maserati/Ferrari Sportscar
~ To be the first female self-made billionaire
guitargirl said…
Hey there! I like your little "hormones" icons. They crack me up. Hehehe.

But yeah, I started my first semester of college this year. I was wanting to start a little earlier because I actually graduated at 17, but the stupid state laws here about that sort of thing were horrible, so I just decided to bum around and do nothing for a year. Now it's time to start studying again. LOL! It's rough, but I really like my major (Medical Office Administration) and I'm learning lots, so hopefully I won't go insane before this whole thing is done ;) And the extra computer-time is nice too. XD

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