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A story of a cutter.

This is the first blog post that will have nothing to do with me but rather of a close friend of mine. I want to post her story as I want her voice to be heard.(Yea, she doesn't blog or tweet)
This close friend of mine is a cutter. She cuts herself. I, myself too wondered why would she do such a thing.
Was it a punishment?
Was it a hobby?
What was it?

So this close friend of mine, named T. She is an ordinary 16 year old girl like me, the only differences is that she cuts herself. You think that she may come from a screwed up family with issues. But that was not her case.
She had 2 wonderful parents who loved her and showered her with love. They never really pressured her on anything.

She is smart, thin, from a well to do family and pretty. So...where exactly does her problem lie?
She said that she started cutting by accident. She started when she was 14 years old. She accidently cut herself on a broken glass while picking pieces of broken vase. When the glass cut her skin, make her…

Carmensakura's rant...

Ok, just for your information... I am still alive and no, I haven't abandoned my blog. The reason why I haven't blogged or been online is bcuz I finally moved to my "new" house and this "new" stupid house didn't have any internet.

I still have no internet and so please forgive me, if I dun visit your blog. I'm still waiting for my internet to arrive.

Well, I'm gonna rant bout some stuff bcuz I haven't been online for so long...and I have lots to say.

1. "New" House.
Ok, eventhough this house is twice the size of my old small, cramped apartment. Yea, this house is bigger and more comfortable.
But I hate this damn house.

Well, because, I don't have the internet. And this house feels funny. I just don't like it. Period.
I wish I could tell my dad tat. But I know I can't bcuz he likes this stupid house. Because this house is the family heirloom or some crap like that.

2. Internet
Can't you believe that I have no internet cur…