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My Top 3 Priorities

My top 3 priorities from now on are :

1. School Studies
2. French
3. Music

School Studies.
Ok, my finals result really sucked badly. And because of that, I have to focus on my studies from now on. Yea, that means I have to really study but do I really have a choice? *sigh*

I have to focus on French if I wanna be good. My french grammar is really horrible. *sigh* As if english grammar is not hard enough, now, I have to deal with French grammar. But, I have to admit that French is a pretty cool language once you get to know it.

Yea,my parents are gonna let me learn the violin. So I'm gonna start learning the violin this January. So, I'm pretty happy about that and if I wanna be good, I gotta practice every single day. And this time, I'm gonna play it right.

Updates :~

Well, anything that are not in these priorties will have to be dropped or thought out carefully before making a decision. So yea, I'm dedicating my current life to the 3 priorities.
I know it sounds …

Boulevard of broken dreams.

A quiz told me that my theme song is boulevard of broken dreams by green day. At first, I thought that it was bullshit but after listening to that song several times. I agree. That song is my theme song...for now.

The year 2009 has been hard, rough and tough for me. I had more depressing moments this year than happy moments. This year definitely wasn't my best year. I didn't get the sweet sixteen feeling. I got the opposite instead.

And it's true. I feel like I'm walking like a boulevard of broken dreams. Everything I wanted to achieve, I didn't. And for a while, this felt very painful.

But I know that I have to move on and forward. The further I walk, the longer I see the road ahead of me. But it's never about the destination, it's about the journey. So I might as well, take my time and enjoy myself.

So here are the 5 promises I made to myself.

1. I love myself at all times & I'm worthy.
2. I will finish what I started
3. I will do my best at all times