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Who gives a damn?

I'm tired of giving a damn or rather listening and taking other people's crap. I'm tired of hearing what I can't do. I'm tired of hearing people restricting me using their words. I'm tired of people demotivating me or just saying how lame I am. I'm tired of people labelling and calling me names. I'm just so tired.

I used to think that I never cared but I was wrong. I did care. I did take in what they say. I did believe in what they say and I was stopping myself. I was stopping myself from improving myself. Their words were like chains. Chains that bind me. Slowly, these chains began to stop me and I just stopped doing things I liked because I feared about what others have said about it.

But not anymore, I'm not going to let that stop me. These chains that bind me, I'm going to break free and I'm going to what I like. And guess what, I don't care what they say anymore. I really don't. I'm going to break free and do the things I lo…

Noël Mémoire

Bon Noel, everyone. That is how the French wud say it. Noël Mémoire is french for Christmas Memory.

Christmas is the season of giving...(and presents.) So like any Christmas, I got some pretty nice presents. Nowadays, Christmas is a little different from when I was younger. Nowadays, we go to our cousin's house on chrismas eve to exchange presents. When I was younger, it was just a celebration between me and family. Sadly, this year, we have no christmas tree because our christmas tree was ruined last year.

I remember when I was younger, Christmas felt more magical. And Christmas was the only time of the year, my family went to church for their midnight mass. Anyhow, even when I was a kid, I knew Santa didn't exist and it was my parents who bought me lovely presents. My parents also were very honest about Santa being a fake.

We played Christmas songs and sang to them. Every night, I would stare at the glittering Christmas Tree. The lights would shimmer at night, when all the lig…

Tribute to AKLTG

I just came back from coaching the SK and IAG camps. And yeah, I was coaching back to back camps. I was so tired when I came back. I even slept 14 hours straight. Hehe... Like I said earlier, these are my last camps and honestly, I feel sad.

Coaching SK and IAG reminded me why I loved coaching so much. I loved coaching because I loved seeing the changes for the better in a person. Being a coach is not easy. You get to sleep extra late, wake up early, eat less, rush around and you have to control your state which is not easy.

In SK, the kids there were quite nice but then again, not all were nice. My assistant coach was Yi Jean and she was quite good. She helped me out at times and because I have been solo coaching for so damn long, I kinda forgot how to share tasks with another coach. Nonetheless, SK ended awesomely. And the feedback I got were pretty nice. The PD said that I had alot of passion.

In IAG, it was slightly different. At first, I was intimidated. I mean, all the old awesome …