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One hell of a week.

Three words. Roller Coaster Ride. This week has been crazy!!

This week started out badly. I felt demotivated, unhappy, tired and agitated. And my self-esteem and ego took a sky jump went several bad exam results came out. I was constantly fighting & struggling. And surprisingly, I actually took control. I was doing my best to reframe & change my thoughts. I was coaching myself and it felt a little weird.

It was interesting to see me coach myself and the struggle within. And I had a self realisation. I suddenly realise that it was I was my own obstacle. MY EGO & MYSELF is what's stopping me. And I have to do something to get rid of that. Not only that, I had people telling me their problems and I'm glad to have a chance to coach them so that their life could be better.

It's true. "Coaching is for life." Never doubt that...

On Tuesday, I played basketball for PE classes and surprisingly, I can still shoot the ball into the hoop. The last time I played bask…

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I have alot of hard decisions to make currently. It's really not easy.

PROBLEM 1 : I want to join AFS( a student exchange programme) but I don't think I can. WHY? Well, it's because let's say I get chosen, it will interupt with my french diploma thing and my college.
I want to apply for 2 programmes. One is going to Japan for 2 weeks in December and the other is going to USA for half a year in 2011. And unfortunately, if I manage to get to go, it will interupt with my plan.

Well, if I didn't had any plans, I would love to join an exchange programme but unfortunately, I have a plan now. And that plan is I continue learning diploma intensive french for the next 2 years while I take my A'levels in college...after that, I can straight go to France without any major issue or any time wasted.

So I'm still not sure what to decide...because I want to do both but I know that's not possible!

PROBLEM 2 : Ok, this is not really a problem. But I'm not sure if I shoul…

Edison's Philosophy

Thomas Edison is smart man and most of all, a very strong man. He never gave up and I admire that. He could have given up after the 10th failure but he didn't because his curiousity kept him at it.

Amazing man. He is so good in reframing himself and changing his thoughts into better ones. And that is not something easy to do. His positive thinking definately helped him alot in discovering the lightbulb.

That quote is so awesome. I mean, it's so cool to think that way. When people say they have tried and failed one million times, he would say try one million and one. He always believes in trying just one more time. And due to that, I admire him.

So self-mastery before any other mastery. Your thoughts are what determined your actions and your actions creates your results. That's why I read self-help books to help & push myself. I wanna be the author in my life.

I so dislike people who says that self-help is crap or that they all the same. They're not. Different authors h…

Katekyo Hitman Reborn FEVER!

Yea, I know itz my SPM year. But that does not means I can't watch some anime and go crazy over it. SO my new craze is Katekyo Hitman Reborn. U can thank my friend, Nicky for making me watch tis anime....but I don't regret it.

This anime has awesome art & action. And the plot is pretty damn good too. Anyhow, what amazes me the most are the characters here. The characters are all so special & quirky in their own way. Mind you, there are a hell lot of characters in this anime.

Can you believe this anime actually made me love it in less than 10 episodes? And guess what, I didn't watch it from episode 1. I watched it from episode 120 onwards. And I still get the story plot. This is the first anime that I watched that made me fell in love with it less than 10 episodes! (PS : I never wanted to watch this series until a friend made me watch it during a sleepover!)

Anyhow, love all the characters there. But what I love the most is the spirit of this show. You have Tsuna(the m…

2010 = Stupendous

My theme for this year is Stupendous. I want this year to be stupendous~! Oh yea~~!!

So yea, this is my plan. My main goal is
1. Score straight A's in my SPM exam
2. Master my french
3. Maybe start an online business.

So this year, I'll just do my best & forget about the rest. But of course, I'll have some time to play & just enjoy myself. this year will be stupendous.
And yea, I'll admit that I'm afraid but guess what, fear won't stop me. It'll just push me further like a nitro boost in a car race.

And at the end of the day, if I don't get what I want. It's alright because I've done my best and maybe next time, I will achieve my goals.

And Oh, I have a new catchphrase which is I'll bite you to death or kamikurossu in japanese. Hehe....(I stole it from an anime...) Haha, one down from my New Year resolutions and a few more to go~~!

It's a brand new year~!

So the new year has arrived. And interestingly, the first thing I did was watch anime which was KHR(katekyo Hitman Reborn) until 5am in the morning in my friends house. And shockingly, I kinda like that stupid anime...*sigh* Even so, I written down some new year resolutions.

And my new year resolutions are :

1. Must study
2. It's all or nothing
3. Watch only 3 anime series at a time & no more.
4. Handle only wat I can handle.
5. Have a new favourite catchphrase.

So this are my new year resolution & I will have to fulfil it. A new year, a new me~!