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Decide, I have.

Yes, I have decided. I have decided to forget about the student exchange programme and stick with my college plans. And I have decided to either sing "Whaddya want from me" by Adam Lambert or "Stop and Stare" by One Republic.
Thank you for voting!! IT kinda helped think a little and to decide wisely.

However, I haven't decide about whether I wanna cosplay or not. And I haven't decide about what I'm gonna cosplay as...but that does not matter now so itz not that important.


Life in 2010 is quite fun at the same time tiring. I'm kinda afraid for the huge exam at the end of the year that will determine my destiny and future. But hey, no sweat. I'll do what I can.

PSS : I'm currently hooked on Bleach or rather, Hitsugaya Toushirou. I'm also hooked on Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
PSSS : I finally make my blog slightly nicer after like 1 year plus of using this blog. Hehe....I'm a little slow in that aspect, huh?

What's in and out with me.



This show is pretty awesome. It's like HSM, only ten times better. The songs, the dance, the characters and the plot is just way better. My favourite characters in there is the crazy cheerleader coach, Sue and the gay dude, Kurt Hummel. This show is juz awesome.

Yea, he is a good dancer. Thanx to him, I'm doing that single ladies hand movement.


He's gotten better since American Idol. I love his songs and his voice. His songs has attitude, edge and power. Unlike Kris Allen, who sings feel good boring pop. I like Lambert's edgy, punk songs. He's juz one cool dude. (Too bad, he's gay...but still, he's voice is GOOD!!) I have always like dramatic music like MCR, Linkin Park & Lady GaGa.


Well, he's currently my favourite character in Bleach. Why? Because he can fight real good and he doesn't talk crap like Ichigo(sorry, Nicky). He's just cool. Anyhow, I still watch KHR and I'm still loving it. B…

When I hit the jackpot, I want a...

Well, I want alot of things. Alot of expensive material things. I know materialism isn't good but hey, sometimes, you do need this stuff. So this my wishlist for the year 2010-2011.

When I hit the jackpot, I want a...

1. Sony Vaio/Macbook Pro

WHY? Because I think they look cool & awesome. Not only that, it actually function quite well. I only want the best laptop so it's either the sony vaio/macbook pro or nothing.

2. Kindle / Sony Reader

WHY? Because it's time to embrace technology and read in a cooler way. And plus, we are saving trees~!

3. Canon EOS DSLR / Nikon D series camera.

WHY? Because I have always loved to take pictures. I had my first camera since I was 6. I just wanna play with that camera & take nice pictures. Maybe, I might actually start my sky/stars picture album...

4. A Telescope

WHY? Because I love staring at the stars & I just wanna study them closer. I have always has been interested in astronomy.

5. Blackberry.

WHY? Because it just looks damn cool. I…