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Like the song, stop and stare by one republic, I'm becoming what I fear and I also wanna be somewhere else but here.

I'm juz becoming what I fear. Therefore, I have to change that and I also have to put my foot in my mouth. Time for some real action. Been talking way too long and much. It's time I actually did something.

*sigh* This week was quite screwed up. I'm quite screwed up, pissed & depressed. It must be my overworking teenage hormones *sigh*

What a week!!

1. Grandpa came for the weekends.
My grandpa came over during the weekends so my family had to help look after him. But I never knew that old people could throw a tantrum, now I know. But I liked listening to the stories my grandpa told me. Poor thing, he has difficulty breathing at night so my family had to stay up, listening to his stories and complains.

2. Stupid uncle.
My stupid uncle came to our house, complaining that his son is bothering him because he's been asking too many questions like why is the sky blue. And so, he asks my dad where are my grandpa's encylopedia. My dad randomly pointed to the ceiling. Then, he barged into the attic and took the encylopedia. He didn't even ask. How bloody rude.
Then, he saw my storybooks and because it looked old, he thought it belong to my grandpa. He took it. MY dad got pissed. He told him that those are his books for me. My uncle got pissed and put those books back. That's juz damn rude. I know his son won't read it beca…

Humans are complicated!

I'm a complicated. You're complicated. We're all complicated. Humans are complicated. Full stop. Period. That is the number one rule we should all remember and follow. Humans are complicated. We can't claim that we know that person fully because we don't. Sometimes, we just really don't know what's going through their mind.

I hate it when people say that they understand how we feel. Well, they don't and they have no clue. They're not me and they don't understand the situation. And they won't react the same way I react to a certain situation. Therefore, they don't understand.

Yea, even I'm complicated. I mean, I can't say that I have self-esteem because sometimes my self-esteem is super high and sometimes, my self-esteem hits rockbottom. And recently, I hate to admit this but my self-esteem has been pretty low.

Well, it's because I'm afraid. I'm really afraid. What if I just fail, fall flat on my face? Will I ever pick up…