Pride and prejudice

Recently, I just watched Pride and prejudice for the billionth time. (You really have no idea how many times I watch this movie!)

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I love this movie. (Maybe, I should read the book??) Anyhow, it's obvious Jane Austen is a feminist! She definitely supports independent woman. And the title Pride and Prejudice is perfect since it does play on the theme of pride and vanity.
I don't know if Jane Austen wrote this in the way she imagine her perfect life to be or if she wrote it in skepticism because Jane Austen never married and she never like the idea of marriage.

However, in pride and prejudice, I like the fact that she convey marriage as something pleasant and I agree with her idea of marriage. Marriage is about marrying somebody you, that partner completes you and inspires you. Your partner must be someone you're willing to share a family with.

Now on with Mr.Darcy, I realize that there are many girls out there who loves him. Some people even say he is the perfect man. Somehow, I'm not surprised that people love Mr.Darcy because I love his character too~!!

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Sure, he may come off as a arrogant rich unpleasant sort of fellow at first. Even Elizabeth Bennet hates this man at first. But later, we find out that he is a nice, caring, loving, loyal, kind and rich person. Tell me. Which girl wouldn't want such a man? Anyhow, I like the way Jane Austen created his character.

Pride and prejudice is one of my favourite love stories ever...(but then again, I don't know much love stories.)


Luffy Sam said…
Thank you for you support !!
I full of power and love !!
+ you today blog is love story also !!!

Yahoo !!!
I can do it !!
You can do it !!!
guitargirl said…
New blog template! *Ohh-ahh*

I love P&P too. I'm really into Brit Lit and P&P is one of my favorite "love stories." The new version of the movie has some awesome-tastic photography. I read the book after watching the movie. Even though I read old 1800's novels all the time, I must say that if I hadn't watched the movie first, I probably wouldn't have understood the book. It helps to put faces to the names.
Paul said…
if you like that, i recommend Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Also the original book too. They're both great.

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