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Drama, drama, drama...

High School has loads of drama.. Never ending drama. Heck, life's dramatic.

" All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they
have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts,
his acts being seven ages. "
-William Shakespeare-

1. Newspaper drama.

My school had a collecting newspaper competition and laid a $100 as the grand prize. MY class, 5 Opal wanted the money so immediately, we got newspapers to compete.
Soon, we were WINNING and we were all happy.

I guess that the the first class, 5 Agate didn't like that. So they started piling up newspaper.

MY class thought we were gonna lose and we were sad...BUT we continued to pile newspapers to win.
However, my assistant monitress, S, realise that 5 Agate was cheating. GASP. Yea, they kinda were. They were double and triple entrying the amount of newspapers they had. But because we had no proof. We shut up.

THEN, *insert drumrolls* they were caught cheating. 5 Agate stole 1 Ja…

Forgive me...I am afterall only human.

Forgive me. I'm sorry if I unintenionally hurt anyone's feelings. I really don't mean it.

You see, I have certain rules for myself and unfortunately, I always thought other people also follow the same rules. Therefore, when you broke those rules and I felt as if you were such an idiot.

True, I shouldn't have judge you by my own rules.

However, I am so tired. I am so tired of caring about other feelings and hiding mine. Therefore, I let it go. True, maybe I should have let it go more nicely and politely. But unfortunately, I am brutally honest on these sort of things.

And honestly, sometimes, I'm too tired to care about your feelings. So I am sorry.

For so long, I've been taking care of people's emotion that I just got tired.

Let's take this as a lesson.

There's something for us all to learn in this.

HUMILITY - a lesson that god always wanted me to learn and it's time I learnt.

As for you, you need to be ROUGH and TOUGH!

So, shall we learn life's l…

Life's interesting journey (or not?)

Well, this week has been quite interesting. Ok, heck, to tell you the truth, I'm actually quite pissed. And I'm gonna rant and I don't care who's listening!!

Finally, I understood why I quit chess so suddenly when I was 12. I should have never ever wanted to touch that game ever! I should have realised that I quit with a reason. I shouldn't have join the chess club this year. It is a HUGE mistake!!
Eventhough, I won and lost one game yesterday. I felt very uneasy.

When I was younger, I played chess and was quite good at it. But the problem is that I never thought of the next move of the pieces. I just simply moved the pieces and yet I managed to win. (WELL, I don't win if the opponent is some super chess geek) I know this sounds stupid, but it's the truth, those pieces talks to me and tells me where to move them. I just followed their orders. Those chess pieces were my friends, I use to talk to them. (YEA, call me weird.)

The chess pieces saw everything…