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Sandwiches and world cup~!


Do you know why sandwiches are called sandwiches? Well, it's because they originated from the 4th Earl Of Sandwich, John Montagu. This dude loves eating meat in between two pieces of bread a.k.a sandwich because his hands won't be greasy while he gambles and eats.
Soon, people call it the sandwich.
Don't believe me? Google it or check it out in wikipedia??

Yea...when I heard it the first time, I couldn't believe it either.
Anyhow, I like sandwich.

This random fact is just so cool to me~!


I finally get it when people say they have football fever cuz I'm having it too. All I can think about is football~!

I even bet in some games like today's brazil Vs portugal match. I'm betting on brazil so brazil better win~~!!

PS, my favourite player is still Lionel Messi. He's awesome. I was so pleased when I heard he became captain for the argentina Vs greece match. I hope Lionel Messi will be more successful and awesomer!

Most people say Lionel Messi i…

Have you ever?

"Have you ever cried till your eyes are sore,
Have you ever laughed till your stomach ached,
Have you ever smiled till your cheeks hurt,
Have you ever felt hurt till you thought your heart broke,
Have you ever sang till your lungs hurts,
Have you ever cheered till throat sore,
Have you ever yelled till you cried,
Have you ever danced like maniac,
Have you ever did a crazy dare,
Have you ever have secrets that you wouldn't dare say,
Have you ever done any of the above,
IF you haven't,
you haven't truly lived,
To have lived is to die without regrets,
At the end of the day,
it's this crazy moments that makes life beautiful."


Yea, this poem says it all.

Anyhow, currently, there's only two things in my mind which are :


I support many teams BUT my fav football player currently is the best player of 2010 which is Lionel Messi!


Yea, my brains kinda small right now...but I don't care.

PS : I wanna watch toy …

I totally feel like a teenager.

I completely feel like a teenager. Well, I am a teenager.

Well, last Monday, I celebrated my friend's birthday. We went to a karaoke.

It's fun to sing so crazily and have fun. I like singing like an idiot...even if I am completely out of tune and out of pitch. It was especially fun when May and Ling danced so crazily.

Then, after the 2 hours long of singing like a mad cow, we went SHOPPING. Oh yea, you heard me. Honestly, I'm not into shopping BUT May and Ling changed my mind.

Take one store and look at it. If it's a clothes store, what do you see except clothes?

We walked into every store and looked at the clothes or shoe there. And guess what? It was kinda fun and I kinda get shopping now. Actually, I didn't want to go into every store but one of my friend just keeps walking into stores.
I guess girls like shopping because it is the thrill of finding that nice outfit or just the surprise factor each store has.

Like I would have never thought that those stores has those …

Exams over...

Yea, I don't really love school. But atleast my 3 week exam came to the end and that the holidays just begun. BUT the holiday won't feel like a holiday not with all the crappy projects, homeworks and stuff to do.

But currently, I feel so damn emo. I wanna sit in a corner and just mope. There's just too many thoughts and voices in my head.
I know and yet I don't know what I'm thinking about.
I'm trying to settle the mess in my head so I kinda hate it when people talk to me about stuff that I really don't give a damn about.

If it was about projects or something distracting and interesting. I'll probably listen...BUT if it's complete crap, I seriously don't give damn. I got my own mess to settle here.

You know, high school is so much drama. I'm kinda tired about it...BUT I guess that's part of life.

Yea, I don't know what to think or feel. When I see you, sometimes, I see a friend and sometimes, I see a person that needs to be slapped in th…