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Sigh, oh sigh. I had a very interesting week.

I had some good times & some bad times. It's just the usual ups & downs.

I had a heated discussion with a friend. To be honest, it's nobody's fault. It's just miscommunication & it doesn't help with the fact that my tolerance limit broke.

So now, I have to sit on this. It's just that when your limit breaks, things are complicated. Can I just forget everything & start anew?

Eventhough, my action of saying it out to the other party proves to be a very painful process. I still will have to say it because if I don't say it, I feel like I'm lying to you & myself.

So rite now, I have no idea what I'll decide to do.

Sometimes, I wonder why I become so attached. Ugh.

As for the good things, I learnt another new experience. Not only that, I feel so lucky this week.

Right now, I'm going to listen to MCR. Haha, and we all know what that means.

Random post

This is a random post. I juz have to write this out.

Today, my class had a class outing to take pics for memories since it's our last year.

It was a bad day for a moment. WHY?
1. French teacher scolded me today.
2. My precious phone fell down.
3. My pocketwatch chain broke & my precious pocketwatch fell.

But then later, we went to this mall where only the upper class can afford to shop in.

I like that place. I like the feeling it gives me. I like imagining my future self shopping there.
Yes, I wanna be rich.

I always thought myself as a person who is on the way to wealth. And so, I must prepare myself to live in luxury & wealth.

Plus, what is money without indulgence? I'm not asking you to spend your life fortune BUT you should reward yourself at times because you deserve people.

Being rich is a good thing. WHY?
1. You can afford anything.
2. You can do charity to help people.
3. You can help create job opportunities.

Be. Do. Have.
Think like a billionaire.
Behave like a billionaire.

Bon odori, sleepovers and trips.

I had a lot of stuff happening this weekend.

Firstly, I went to the bon odori (some japanese traditional festival) with my friend that just came back from Indonesia.

I totally missed her and had fun with her.

The bon odori was an interesting experience.

Look at the crowd. THERE's JUST SO MANY PEOPLE....

Dancing girls on the stage in yukata. It's kinda interesting and it get even more fun when the crowd joins in.
The moves are simple so that people can join in.

More girls in Yukata.

The free fan they gave away was useful. When walking in the hot summer night, you can just fan yourself to cool down. I totally love the fan.

OMG, can you believe that is a real pocketwatch?! My friend wore it to the bon odori and I was so JEALOUS. So in the end, we ended up having a sleepover so that she could bring me to the mall she bought that pocketwatch.

So now, it's mine and I'm so HAPPY!

sigh, everytime that friend of mine returns from Indonesia, we are SURE to have a sleepover. Next time, I sh…

It's gonna be a short post.

I have been feeling very bipolar this week. One minute, I'm happy and the next I'm not.

I guess, it's because of my hormones. Ugh, how I hate them.

Anyhow, one thing is for sure.

This Saturday, I'm gonna hang with my friend who just came back from Indonesia.

Where we hanging? We're going to the Bon Odori 2010 festival. Did you know that in bon odori, you are NOT allowed to wear high heels OR cosplay?

Learning a new culture is always good.

Yea, even my short post feels like a long one. sigh. Whatever.

See you later.

Stressful BUT I love it.

Ok, I hate to admit this but I love joining competition. I'm a competition junkie.

I just like the adrenaline rush I get. I feel so damn alive.

I also like joining competition because I learn more about myself and other people.

I get to see if a person is productive or not. I get to see if the person is an asshole and I get to see who can keep their head calm when hell breaks loose.

To be honest, I never cared about the other competitors because whatever the competition do is none of my business. I'm more interested in what I do.

So I joined this 3 page spread magazine making competition (NIE MAG INC 2010). We had to make our own cover, articles and comics. We even had to do interviews.
AND so we did...

Man, as the leader or editor for this magazine, I learnt some new stuff. For one, I learnt to NEVER EVER underestimate or overestimate somebody.

I have this teammate who is like a mystery card. I didn't know what to do with her. She can't write or draw so I was like, what can s…