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Still very confused me.

Well, atleast I narrowed it down. By it, I mean what I plan to study in the future.

I like these 3 stuff and I find it very hard to choose among the 3 because I LOVE THEM ALL!!

I would like to study :

1. Business. (I love business ever since I was a kid. I like money...hehe.)

2. Psychology. (I love to get into people's head and know why they did what they did)

3. Broadcasting. (I just love to talk and be in the SPOTLIGHT!)

So it's very hard for me to choose among the three. Damn, if I can't make a decision, I'm so not going to college.

Which do you think I should choose??

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Please vote~! It will so help me.

THANK YOU~~!! *hugs*

Confused me.

I'm confused.

I mean, it finally hit me. I'm going to graduate from high school at the end of this year. AND that means, next year, I should be going to college.

So now, all this problems pops up in my head.

1. Can my parents even afford it? (College ain't cheap and it doesn't help that the economy isn't so good.)

2. What am I going to study? (I haven't really decided)

There's a lot of options for me after graduating from high school. There's so many options to choose from but the problem is I like them all. The more I think, the more confused I get.

Yea, I gotta figure it out...sooner or later. But for now, I'm gonna watch Kaiji The Ultimate Gambler.

PS : Did I say Tatsuya Fujiwara is an AWESOME talented actor??

Yea, they're not gonna let me off the hook.

So yea, parents can be annoying at times but as much as I hate to admit this, I have to admit that I need them more than I think I do.

My parents been nagging me and telling me stuff that kinda shocked me. It's like a big slap on my face.

BUT.... it's true.

I guess, that's parents for ya. They tell you the uncensored truth eventhough it hurts.

And now, a challenge is ON my plate. Whether I like it or not, I have to accept it.

Change is difficult but that's change and I'll embrace it. After all, things will change whether you want it or not.

Well, time to walk my talk...I'll take the challenge AND do exceptional well.
Easier said than done but that's what I plan to do.

PS, when your parents nag, just take it in....and sigh