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Money, money, money!

Recently, I just watched Wallstreet 2 : Money Never Sleeps. And yes, it was an awesome film. I liked how it was about wealth, speculation, manipulation and more.

Thanks to this film, I'm going to watch the stocks from now on and regularly checking the business/economics section.

This movie made me think.

Currently, the world is still recovering from the 2008 economic meltdown. But will we learn from this meltdown and be more careful? I don't think so.
In the 1990's, there was another economic meltdown and we didn't learn from that. That's why the 2008 meltdown existed.
Maybe this time, we'll learn? I doubt we'll learn this time.

You see, when the economy recovers once more, people will become confident. And that confidence will cause people to spent, spent and be reckless with their finances.
THEN, BOOM, another economic meltdown will happen again.

I don't think we can ever prevent meltdown's. WHY? Simple, because when there are good times, there must …

Emotional drained out.

IT has been a tiring week. Not physically or mentally. But it was emotionally tiring.

I had alot of crap this week. But then again, life is full of ups and downs.

I felt sad, angry, pissed and depressed all at the same time.

So yea, bring out the ice-cream.
And yes, it works. Eating ice-cream when you're upset really works. I did feel happier after finishing those yummy cold ice-creams.

Like one of my teachers said,

"Life is like a wheel. One minute, you're up and the next you're down. So enjoy every minute and don't take it seriously."

And gosh, I created a TUMBLR account.

Check it out. I might shift my blog there. Well, we'll see...

Moving on?

Like every high school, my high school had it's fair share of drama. Heck, I had my fair share of drama.

To make things more interesting, I study in an all-girls school which means more drama. (girls = drama + catfights) So yea...

I broke some friendships and hurt other people while I got hurt too and lost a few friendships. A fair deal.

Friendships are so complicated especially between girls.

Sometimes, you give so much and sacrifice so much for the friendship yet you get nothing in return.

Sometimes, you make ONE mistake and the friendship ends.

Sometimes, you didn't put enough effort in and the friendship is over.

So yea, I had a lot of catfights.

This year is my senior year.

So I don't want to fight so much and have too much drama. (too bad, I already fought this year)

I wanna savour every last moment of this year because...
when high school is over, I want to erase all the memories.


I don't think so. Moving on means looking forward and dropping all the crap.

A smile, some enthusiam and a little bit of hard work is all it takes.

Recently, I was wondering... I mean, I'm so close to graduation. I'm about to leave high school. It still feels weird and that knowing it's happening feels totally unreal to me at times.
I mean, I never thought that I would graduate from high school.

So I was thinking, what was I gonna do after high school. So I made a list in my head like get a driver's licence and so on.

Then, I was wondering what if I don't get to go to college? I mean, what if. So will I die? OR have a completely ruined life? Will I be bitter and old?

Guess what, not going to college is not the end of the world so is getting terible results in high school.
The world don't end unless well, the apocalyse comes or you are dead. (Your world do end when you are dead)

Then, at that moment, I realise that a smile, some enthusiam and a little bit of hard work is all it takes to survive the world.
I also realise that life is what you make of it. Just go ahead, make your decisions and smile. See where life…