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Money, money, money!

Recently, I just watched Wallstreet 2 : Money Never Sleeps. And yes, it was an awesome film. I liked how it was about wealth, speculation, manipulation and more.

Thanks to this film, I'm going to watch the stocks from now on and regularly checking the business/economics section.

This movie made me think.

Currently, the world is still recovering from the 2008 economic meltdown. But will we learn from this meltdown and be more careful? I don't think so.
In the 1990's, there was another economic meltdown and we didn't learn from that. That's why the 2008 meltdown existed.
Maybe this time, we'll learn? I doubt we'll learn this time.

You see, when the economy recovers once more, people will become confident. And that confidence will cause people to spent, spent and be reckless with their finances.
THEN, BOOM, another economic meltdown will happen again.

I don't think we can ever prevent meltdown's. WHY? Simple, because when there are good times, there must be bad as well. It's nature's law.

However, Wallstreet 2 : Money Never Sleeps is right about ONE thing. When the next economic meltdown happens, it should be the worst.
We're lucky we made it out alive from the 2008 meltdown but the next one will be big.
It will end alot of things.
Alot of people will suffer.
Situations will be dire.
And to make it worst, with the internet around, the meltdown will happen faster and it'll be hard to stop.

PS, the sharemarket never panic. People do and that cause shares to fall flat. And people panic due to perceptions and rumours so beware of what you hear.

What can we do? There's nothing we can do except prepare ourselves.

Yea, I sound so business smart.(hehe)

But seriously, I might wanna join the wallstreet because of this. Well, I have always liked money, business and economics.

And yes, greed happens. That's why people want more and more.


ya !!
money money !!
no money no talk !!


But remember ... money all for all de ya !!

+u+u !!

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