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The future is bulletproof

Today, I discussed about my future with my mom. You know, the usual, what do you want to study after you graduate and blah blah blah. Honestly, I haven’t figured out exactly what I wanna study yet but a plan has been created.

The plan is I go to college and then go to a university. Interestingly, my parents wants to ship me off to France and that means, after graduating from high school, I have to study french intensively… Lucky for me, I wasn’t chosen to go to a 3 month torture army camp that is compulsary to the “chosen ones” a.k.a NS or PLKN.

So that means, my intensive french and driving lessons plan is not interupted. Lucky me, I guess. I like this plan currently and I’ll stick with it. Anyhow, I’m excited bout graduating from high school.

Currently, to me, the future is bulletproof. (haha…MCR na na na song lyric quote. Can’t wait for their next album though!!)


Friend Quiz on

Lianne Is Your Soulmate - so true. I mean, we've been classmates forever and never argued before.

You truly love Suzanne - yea, she's the lovable dancing princess.

You consider Lelia your true friend. -hard not to think that way when she's been my buddy since primary until now.

You know that May H is always thinking of you. - Maybe. but she sure is a nice person!

You'll remember Q for the rest of your life. - perhaps. She's a very quiet person.

You secretly think E.E is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times. - yes, yes and yes. Sometimes, she annoys the shit out of me though!

You secretly think that K is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker. - yes~! She's juz so nice and crazy~~!!

You secretly think that P is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Ranieesya changes lovers faster than underwear. - hell no. she's the last I expect to be so. This is the only part the quiz is wrong.

You secretly think F is sh…

Graduation day coming up.

OMG, I can't believe it.

Graduation day is coming soon. Wow, I'll be graduating soon and because of that, I'll have to look for clothes and shoes.

It's kinda scary but fun at the same time.

Anyway, I'm glad when that I'll be moving on in life soon.

WOOT~! I'm just so excited~!

Feeling good~!

feeling good currently.

Got back some grades from my trial exam. Some were good and some sucked badly but nonetheless, I still feel good. (Zen, it really helps me calm myself down.)

I can't believe I actually went to adam lambert's concert. Guess what, he's was AWESOME! I totally love him. He can sing and dance. He also has great charisma on stage.
I also dressed up and had make up for the concert. It makes me think. Should I upgrade my wardrobe at the end of this year?? Hmm... if adam loves to play dress up then, shouldn't a girl like me love it even more. Nah, I dunno. It's too much hardwork.
OMG, MCR new album will be released soon and I can't wait to get it!! (hehe...)
Cosplay? Should I? My friend found me the best character to cosplay as so I'm not sure if I should cosplay? What do ya think?
Do Kanmuri Shigeru from Yakitate Ja-Pan! suit me? Well, atleast, he's short like me and his costume doesn't seem to complicated.
So yea, it looks easy and simple…

I'll be alright with or without you.

Ask me 3 or 4 years ago and I would have thought that you were important to me. But not anymore.
Since, it was the last year of high school, I just want to get together with you so that we can relive all the fun moments we had back then. I mean, we're friends. But then, now I remembered why we fought and broke off.
To be honest, I was hurt by you afew times. But it's no matter. I learnt from the pain and became stronger. Honestly, I thank you for that. Now, my self-esteem is just higher and stronger. I learnt to love and deal with myself.
Seriously, you are a fun person to be with when you're not mocking but you mock most of the times.
And I guess, in the past I left you for a reason. So yea, now, I'll be fine without you. Just so you know, you aren't the center of my universe. If you talk to me, I'll talk to you but if you don't, I won't bother.

So when high school is over. It's really goodbye. We might see each other in 20 years time but by then, who k…

Adam Lambert concert.

I'm blogging early because I'm going to adam lambert concert at the end of this week~!

I'm surprised that my parents let me go but hey, that's just awesome. I love adam lambert because I think he has a great voice.

Lucky me, I also found a friend to accompany me to the concert. And after the concert, we're having a sleepover!
We're so gonna glam up for adam lambert's glamnation concert~!! (Black, black & more black!)

I may be broke now but it doesn't really matter because this concert is just worth it!

I'm so excited~!

Think before you point your fingers at others.

Where you are in life is the result of all the decisions you have made. Good ones and bad ones.
And if your life is crap, who's fault do you think it is?

If your relationship or friendship is breaking down? If your grades really suck?
Is it other people's fault? But before you point and say, the teacher suck or your friend is a real stupid asshole, you should think.

Did you try hard enough? Let me just say, sometimes, you might think that you're right but you're actually wrong. Or that sometimes, you think you're being nice but actually you're not.

And if you been a bitch a long time, what do you expect but to be treated as a bitch?

If something been reoccurring in your life again and again such as bad grades or bad relationships, there's a lesson in there for you to learn.

And learn from it fast because life will not be nice when it tried to teach you gently but you wouldn't listen or learn. Then the next thing you know, you have a crappy life. Then, whose fa…

Growing up, closure and an interview.

I guess it's time I grow up. When high school is over, I have to grow up, be a mature and a responsible little young lady.
There's alot of things I have to learn.

To be honest, I'm a little afraid of leaving graduating from high school.
I mean, I've been going to school for years. And the thought that it will finally end is a relief but also a little frightening.

But it's a new chapter in life. Everyone goes through it. So yea, I'm afraid but excited at the same time. There's so much to do after the graduating. College, driver licence & etc...

I guess I'll miss high school a little. Never thought it would end...but yea, it will soon enough.

Before I left high school, I need some closure. I mean, I made some friends & lost some friends. I do have some regrets. I was such an idiot and arrogant ass last time.
So yea, before high school end, I need to send some letters to the few people I hurt.

But I guess, that's high school. You make a hell lot of…