Feeling good~!

feeling good currently.

Got back some grades from my trial exam. Some were good and some sucked badly but nonetheless, I still feel good. (Zen, it really helps me calm myself down.)

I can't believe I actually went to adam lambert's concert. Guess what, he's was AWESOME! I totally love him. He can sing and dance. He also has great charisma on stage.

I also dressed up and had make up for the concert. It makes me think. Should I upgrade my wardrobe at the end of this year?? Hmm... if adam loves to play dress up then, shouldn't a girl like me love it even more. Nah, I dunno. It's too much hardwork.

OMG, MCR new album will be released soon and I can't wait to get it!! (hehe...)

Cosplay? Should I? My friend found me the best character to cosplay as so I'm not sure if I should cosplay? What do ya think?

Do Kanmuri Shigeru from Yakitate Ja-Pan! suit me? Well, atleast, he's short like me and his costume doesn't seem to complicated.

So yea, it looks easy and simple. But I think I'm gonna skip his eye color and shoes. I'm a little lazy and broke. (Broke because I spent my $$ on Adam Lambert's concert...hehe...)


Feeling peaceful, letting things flow and letting things go while doing your best. I like zen and for now, I'm gonna follow this concept.

PS, stay positive. Let's spread happiness~~~!! (told ya I was feeling good~~!!)


hehe !!
thank you !

You also can do it ya.
+u+u !!

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