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The terror has begun...

Yes, the terror has begun. What's the terror? Well, it's my major super duper exam that will determine your future. The exam has begun.

3 subjects down and 7 more subjects to go.

Sadly, my exam ends on the 20th december! UGH, that totally ruins my christmas celebration mood.

How was my exam so far?? hmm....not so good because I don't think I did well. But we'll see when the results come out.

I hate how this exam is like our rite of passage. I mean, like in the olden days, boys had to hunt to prove that they are men. Now, students have to take exams to prove that they're ready to contribute to the adult society.

Anyway, it's not all that bad. After the 20th of december, I'M FREE FROM HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER! No more drama and homework! WOOT!!

Even though, I already had my graduation ceremony but I don't officially graduate until the exam ends which is on 20 december!!! But yea, finally, I'm gonna be out of high school! I'm finally graduating. This is just…

I have no excuse.

My school had this 'blessing ceremony' for all seniors who are leaving the school in another month. But yesterday was actually my last day of school. This ceremony is for students to hug or shake hands with all the teachers for the very last time before we leave the school and for our super major exam that will determine our future.

Anyway, I never thought I would actually felt like crying but I did. I hugged all my favourite teachers and some whom I never met before. My language teacher cried and thanks to her, I felt like crying. She was wishing me good luck and giving me last advices before I leave.

However, there was one teacher I wanted to meet but she wasn't there. Ms.Lee, my favourite science teacher. Too bad, she wasn't there.

This blessing ceremony is not a bad idea. Teachers wishing us good luck in life and in our major exam.

Anyhow, it's incredible how some teachers still remembered what I said a few years ago and how some seem to believe in me so strongly. …

high school bitches.

So today is my graduation day and I just graduated. It feels nice to be graduate but too bad, I still have school for another month or so. So it's not exactly a big deal.

And so I was walking around school today and yea, I guess I'll miss it a little.

I also wrote letters and gave it to all my friends that were close to me. (But unfortunately, I forgot christina. Will write her letter later.......sigh) I even gave it to my high school bitch.
Yes, high school bitches. Everyone has one unless you're lucky or you are that bitch.

To be honest, I hated her at one point in my life. By her, I meant my high school bitch. Sure, she's fun to be with at times but she's just so mean.

She mocked me and called me mean names. It really hurt me. I may pretend that all those insults didn't get me but it did get me. My self-esteem fell so low in the ground that I wanted to hide in a hole somewhere so that I can never ever come out.

Thanks to her, I really felt like I was an ugly stupi…

I'm gonna miss high school.

High school is about to end for me. In another 2 months, I'll graduate. And it's real now because I just went through my graduation day practice. MY school is odd. They're doing my graduation 2 months earlier.

So yea, next wednesday is my graduation day.

I guess, I'm gonna miss high school. The friends and the crazy activities that we had together.

That's life. We grow up and move on to newer and better things.

To all buddies out there,

Muackss, I love you and I'm definitely gonna miss you. I hope we can meet often and keep in touch.
Thank you for being my buddy~~!!

I guess, it's time to look forward to college now. WOOHOO~! (seriously, sometimes, I can't believe this is happening~!)