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A new chapter in life.

School is officially over for me. Can't believe that's real but it is.

So now, what do I do??

Well, there's so MANY things to do for me. This is a new chapter in life and I plan to start wonderfully and end it beautifully.

For now, to celebrate my new found freedom and my new chapter in life, I got a haircut. I like my hair. Only thing I hate is that the highlights are too soft and almost freaking invisible. Sigh. Next time, I want my highlights to be strong & shiny!!

Anyway, until the new year, I'm gonna procrastinate for a while. Then after that, TIME TO DO EVERYTHING ON MY LIST!!

And mind you, I have A LOT of things listed on my list.

A new beginning is always fun because you never know how it'll end. You never know it's going to go. The possibilities are endless. And right now, the world seem to be my stage. Everything seems to be set. All I got to do is move my ass!

Maybe I am a little optimistic right now & full of hope. Maybe I will never achieve everyt…


I was rereading my blog. There's some nonsense, drama & fun in it. It's interesting to read what you wrote in the past. It's like a time capsule.
I only have one thing to say. Wow, I was depressed person and I'm a bit embarrassed with what I wrote. I can't believe I actually wrote those posts. Sigh...

But looking at my posts in the past reminds me of my crush & certain friendships.

I know why they call crushes, crushes. Because a crush usually crushes you. Yea, it kinda suck. Guess, I'm not lucky in "love" or with my "crush".

As for the certain friendship thing, I was looking back & wondering. What exactly went wrong? We had a super huge argument and then, poof. It ended. Our friendship is gone. Why couldn't we fix it?

How did she do it? How do you forget all those deep conversations, long phone calls & promises? We used to be so close. We talked every single day. Now, you can't even look me in the eye. (vice versa)

Maybe, …

career path & wealth?

I seriously still have no idea what I wanna be. I mean, I have several choices but that's about it. I can't pick between those choices.

1. Business
2. Coach/personal trainer
3. Broadcasting
4. Psychologist

I like business because I like money. Who doesn't like money? Everyone does. And I feel like I have always been a business person. I'm interested in the business world. The money making corporate world.

Coaching or personal training. I like that. Being coach isn't easy, you have to have passion. You have to put your heart & soul into it. You definitely won't get rich but you'll be happy. It's tiring but at the end of the day, it's just worth it. Just watch the biggest loser & you'll see that the trainers are happy.

And then, broadcasting. I talk a lot. I like the spotlight. So yea....

I like psychology. It's interesting to learn what go through people's head. To learn why people do the things they do. Maybe, I could be some sort like a…

I'm excited!

My last day of school is on the 21st of December. Seriously, it will be my last day of school ever.
Not only that, my last day of exams in on the 20th of December! After that, I will be free.

I can definitely see it. No school and no exams! Well, until my parents enroll me into college.

I feel really excited about getting out into society. I mean, finally, I am OUT of school. Finally, I'm grown up.

There's just so many to do. I wanna get a haircut, drive and etc.

Anyhow, time just flies .One minute, you're a little kid, who just started to go to school.

Next, you've graduated from high school.

Anyhow, I'm just so excited for life.

This is a new chapter in my life. A new beginning and right now, I have a good feeling about it~!!

That was fast.

It's already week 2 in my exams. Kinda happy that it's almost over. It feels kinda good.

That was fast.

This is a short post cuz that's all I got to say for now.