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Cosplaying Woes and Problems??!!

Things that people didn't tell you about cosplay.

First, you have to choose a character to cosplay. This part isn't easy. I mean, there's SO many characters to choose from. Not only that, you have to consider your body size with character that you choose.

Like for me, I'm a short person so that means all the tall anime characters are out of the picture for me.

IT was slightly hard to choose for me.

But in the end, I chose Kanmuri Shigeru from Yakitate Japan.

HE's short just like me and he isn't one of those stupid annoying characters. He's a smart character with a nice heart.

So I thought he was perfect.

Then, it's buying your freaking costume. It doesn't help that these costume cost a freaking bomb.
The hard part is finding the right perfect costume and paying for it.
Good quality ones are very expensive. It's hard to find good quality costumes with affordable prices...but luckily, I managed to find one.

A friend helped me to order it and pay for it. I j…

I dare to dream.

I never thought I would actually say this or even dream this.

I want to go to Harvard University

Am I serious? Yes, I am.

I know it's like the top university in the world and entrance is practically non-existent. Nonetheless, I still dream it and want to go there.

What lead me to this crazy dream? Well, I was planning for my future, college and all that. Then, suddenly, it hit me that I should probably go to Harvard.

And voila, I decided that I want to go to Harvard.

But dreams are useless without action. So yea, this means that when May comes, I REALLY will have to STUDY damn hard.

I will achieve this dream of mine.

So I say, if you wanna dream, DREAM BIG!!


I just quit my own business. Well, I had this business with a friend of mine who is my partner. But after a month, I quit!

At first, things seem to be going fine. Then, it didn't. My partner was freaking bipolar! She just kept yelling at me and scolding me. Whatever I did was just not good enough for her. In her eyes, I was just doing it ALL WRONG! And it doesn't help that she doesn't want to talk to me properly without being bipolar.

What made me quit was when she rejected some of my very visionary business ideas. She was just such a worry wart. She wanted to do things old fashion and by the books. Well, I'm not a old fashion or by the books kind of person. I get ideas. Crazy out of this world ideas.

And I knew if she didn't like this ONE idea, she'll hate it all. She thinks that this idea is radical when it's just a normal idea. If she thinks this normal ideal is radical, then what would she think of my other really CRAZY ideas?

So I quit. It wasn't gonn…
Dear me,

Thank you for everything. Just bear with me for a little while longer. Sorry for being an idiot. Sorry for breaking down so easily. Sorry for breaking my promises. Sorry for not shining to my fullest potential. Sorry for doubting myself. Sorry for not trusting myself. Sorry for not believing. But I won't let all this happen ever again.
Thank you for being by my side, believing and trusting me when everything seem so wrong. Thank you for hanging on. I will keep on learning and keep an open mind. I won't let anyone distract me. I won't let anyone take away my dignity. I won't hesitate anymore. I will shine now and today. I will believe. I will remember that you are by my side and that I'm not alone. I will remember that we can do anything if we just believe. I will never give up.
Thank you for just believing in me.

I won't disappoint you anymore. I won't let those dreams slip away. I won't let anyone make me feel that I'm worthless. I&…

My Chemical Romance new album!

I've been listening to My Chemical Romance latest album! Yes, I love "Danger Days : The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys" (sigh, why do MCR albums have to have such long freaking names?!)

I'll admit that I'm addicted to them currently. You have no freaking idea how many times I have listened to this album again and again. But it's so hard to stop listening to them.

Even as I am typing this, I'm listening to this album.

Personally, I agree. Their sound has changed. This album is not sad, depressing or too emo like their other albums. However, I accept their change.
Plus it's hard to ignore this album because it makes me wanna dance & sing like a crazy idiot everytime I hear it!

And to me, I think that they are musical geniuses. The way they compose their songs and the way it sounds is a little different.
Anyhow, it's been a while since I listened to a FUN album.

It also doesn't help that I'm a MCR fan for a few years now. I guess I am a lit…

A new year, a new chapter!

Sorry for the late greetings but HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! Hope 2011 will be great for everyone.

Anyhow, it's a new year, a new beginning.

What are my plans for 2011?
Well, I'm not too sure yet...
I'm just gonna take it easy and have fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed anyways.

But right now, I have french intensive classes from Tuesdays to Fridays. (9.30am - 12.15pm) So yea, I guess it still feels like I am going to school.

After February, I plan to learn how to drive & get braces.

Then in May, it's off to college for A'levels!!

I would like to get a job but my parents think that I'll have no time for my french if I get a job. Therefore, I will be jobless for now!

And currently, I'm just so excited & thirsty for life! I look forward to waking up every morning. I'm just happy.

Anyway, I'm glad 2010 is over. It's definately not my best year but it was a pretty alright year nonetheless. Learnt alot from the year 2010 (eventhough, 2010 was filled with …