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What a week!!

This week has been quite busy and interesting.

Last Sunday, I actually went to church & prayed. I mean, I haven't been to church a long time.

I went with a bunch of friends.

Anyway, like usual. Church isn't the most fun thing on earth but church made me think about stuff & god.
But honestly, I feel quite relieved after praying for a very long time.

Anyhow, it was quite a life-changing experience.
It was then, I realised that no matter what happens, I promise to be the best I can be! I promise to do my best!!

Other than that, my mom bought brown rice. So from today onwards, we'll be eating brown rice.

And oddly, I actually kind of enjoy it. But brown rice is good for health anyways. So I'm quite happy about that.

On Thursday, it RAINED very heavily.....and I had to be on streets, fetching my sis home via train.

AND, can you believe, I didn't have umbrella with me at that time. So by the time, I reached my sister's school. I was all wet & drenched.
Luckily, my s…

What's up?

This week has been quite an interesting week.

First, my grandfather has been admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack. And until today, he is still in the hospital but I think he's doing fine. He's alright.
Hopefully, he'll recover soon~!

And secondly,my french classes are BECOMING very hard. I mean, wow, the grammar is killing me. Who knew french grammar was so crazy?!

Anyway, other than that, I've been working on a story. Writing right now really calms me down~! It also doesn't help that I can't stop thinking about story so I need to write it OUT~! I posted the story on
But it's also on my blog~! You can take a look at MY STORIES

Currently, I have only written out the first chapter (introduction). So right now, I'm working on chapter 2.
Really like the story and the idea. The story is sorta inspired by Kuroshitsuji anime and R.O.D TV anime.

Anyway, I plan to write more~~!! And I plan to write many more different stories.



Yes, you heard me right~! I wanna conquer the world. Anyway, that's just how I feel right now.

This week, my emotions are pretty bipolar. One minute, I'm feeling happy.

The next minute, I'm angry, frustrated or sad.

ugh..the bipolarness.

Crazy emotions.

Anyway, earlier this week, I read this article by James Altrech who have better alternatives compared to college (or so he says or think) [the link for the article is here]

But that articles did really made me think. NAH, I'm still going to college. I ain't gonna risk it. (OR will I?) Ok, yea, I'm totally confused.


His 8 alternatives ARE :

~ Start a business.
~ Work for a charity.
~ Travel the world.
~ Create art(not gonna do this. I suck at art)
~ Master a sport (maybe, I'll do this...but I really suck at sport.)
~ Master a game. (maybe. maybe not. it depends)
~ Write a book.
~ Make people laugh.

So yea, I will do most of the 8 alternatives~~! hehe~! A…


Family reunions. Ok, I don't exactly love it because I don't exactly like my relative. I don't think I am the only one who feels that way. And it also doesn't help that I'm not close to my relatives and I don't gamble during family reunions.

Yes, my family loves to gamble when it comes to family reunions around this time of the year. UGH.

Well, I don't gamble so usually, I will be bored.

Why don't I gamble? Well, I don't get the fun.

Yea, so I lead a clean life. I only drink on special occasions. I don't smoke or gamble. Maybe gambling lost it's appeal to me when I watch movies of crazy gamblers losing money & being an absolute idiot.

I have nothing against people who like gambling. You like gambling. I don't. Period. My relatives don't kinda get that.

Anyway, some of my relatives been asking about my future study plans. So I tell them that I'm gonna take A'levels and study overseas.
they started talking about how hard i…