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random photoshoot~!

Today, I woke up early because I wanted to exercise.

So I got ready and then, I realised the park near my house was close for who knows what reasons. It's like some stupid April Fool prank. And no, don't remind me that April Fool is here. Ugh.

Yea, I was pissed. I mean, who wouldn't? You are prepared to go to the park and then, BAM, it's closed. So yea, I was pissed.

But since I was already wide awake, I didn't feel like going back to sleep so....I did a RANDOM PHOTOSHOOT!

I just took my phone out & just starting taking pictures.

So yea, all this are taken with my phone. And yes, my phone is my camera. I mean, why bother to buy a camera when your phone has a camera. It saves money & space~!

Random pencil & book that was on my bed.

I noticed a pooh bear on the staircase. My sis put it there and so I decided to take it. And I really like the bear being there. It's quite nice~

Random books on the table~~!!

Saw the plugs in my room & decided to take pictures…

Time for college??

Well, I graduated from high school.

So now what?


Yea, college time.

And so today, I went to a college to enroll myself.

Hopefully, I can get into that college.

Anyway, I'll be studying A'levels.


PS : Anyway, I just uploaded my story, World's Apart chapter 3. It's here or you can go my stories to see all my chaps.


May my grandpa rest in peace~!

I hope he is in a better place now.

Pledging for a good cause and my future?

Well, after finding out about Japan's disaster. I decided to do something for a good cause.

I wish I could donate but I don't have enough money. So if you have some cash to spare, I hope you can donate it to Japan. They really need our help.

We're all humans and we should help each other out if anything happens.

So I decided to sign a UN Girl up campaign pledge. I mean, I'm a girl and they are helping girls out. So it's a good thing and if you wanna sign the pledge, you can sign it here

Not only that, I also decided to be an organ donor (when I die, of course). So I signed the pledge to be an organ donor. And I choose to donate every organ that can be donated when I die.

I know it sounds gross to donate your eye or skin when you die but hey, if I can help someone with that, why the heck not??

If my organs can save someone, it's better off that way compared to being changed into fertilizer in me. So yea.

Plus being an organ donor when you die won't hurt because you…

Uglies series

Reread the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld~~!! LOVED IT! Awesome series!!! Think that everyone should read it! I mean, it’s a great series!!Anyway, beat my own reading record! Finished it in 5 days FLAT! Feel so proud of myself!!Love how this series makes so much sense!(PS, I think our world has a few things that is similar with the ‘Uglies series’ world. Face-rank, anyone? That’s like tumblr, blogging or twittering.
And Bubbleheads?? We all know a few bubbleheads around. So yea….)Anyhow, If I had a choice, I would definitely be a SPECIAL!Not only that, this story made me think about the future, beauty and the human race. There's just so many questions in this book. Well, this story makes me think about alot of stuff.
Anyway, Love you, Tally-wa & Shay-la. And did I mention, Scott-la too, for writing this series.(PS, definitely gonna speak pretty for a while~!)Stay bubbly~!~ Carmen-laPSS : I just heard bout the Tsunami in Japan. I just hope that they are alright.

American Idol 10?

So what do you think of American Idol season 10? I found it surprisingly nice. Alot of talents this year. (I wonder where were they last year. I mean, season 9 was DRY and boring!) I like a lot of the contestants in season 10.

I like this dude, Casey Abrams even since his auditions. I mean, he CAN really sing. I even gave him a nickname. I call him "Curly Hair Dude"

I totally like this guy too, Paul MacDonald. I call him "Indie Guy"
He's got he's own style and he can sing well!

These are my favourite 2 contestants in AI 10!

I also like Scott McCreery but I think he is a one trick pony. I mean, yea, he has a GREAT beautiful deep voice but that's about it. He can sing awesome country music but can he sing anything else?
Despite all that, I still sorta like him~! I call him "Deep Voice Guy"

This year American Idol 10 would be interesting~!

I don't really mind the new judges. I think Steven Tyler is actually pretty cool and Jennifer Lopez is pretty nice…