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College starts next week.

That's a good and bad thing.

Good thing is, COLLEGE IS FINALLY STARTING!!! I'm so excited!!!

I excited for the new friends I'll make and all that kind of stuff.

It's about time college starts, I'm really getting a little bored with staying at home and rotting all day with the internet. Not that the internet is boring but I'm just bored. So yea...


Have to say goodbye to all the things I've been doing everyday.

Anyway, I gotta go finish watching fullmetal alchemist brotherhood! What better way to end this week than with an awesome anime series~!!

Fullmetal alchemist pic SPAM :

Addicted to Starbucks??

I know I should have taken a picture of it when it was still fresh but blah. I was too lazy. I only decided to take a picture of it later, when I'm almost finished.

But this is should how it looked before I drank it. (took this pic from photobucket)

Anyway, this is not coffee. I'm not really a coffee person. I like the coffee aroma...but not the taste. So yea.....

So if that's not coffee, what's my drink??!! It's HOT CHOCOLATE!!!! YUM~!

Yea, I was just drinking hot chocolate at starbucks while reading my book. So yea, I was having a good day yesterday~!!

Anyway, I think I'm addicted to Starbucks


-The atmosphere is really nice & quite relaxing
-The staff there are really nice & friendly
-I can sit there all day long eventhough my drink is finished and no one gives a damn
-I can read there all day long
-It's a really warm, comfy & cozy
-It's really a nice place to chill & hang

So yea....

But I better watch this addiction because Starbucks ain't…

Another year older, another year wiser.

My birthday recently passed.

So yea, I'm another year older.

Anyway,I hope I grow wiser as I grow older.

This year, I promise myself to be a better person and to constantly grow at all times.

I promise myself to be optimistic, to work hard and have fun.

I hope I can achieve all my goals.

May this be AN AWESOME YEAR~~!!!

Anyway, I'll be starting college in May.

So let's have FUN and learn lots of things~!!!

PS : I had a pretty fun birthday~! Went out for lunch & a movie with my buddies~~!!

PSS : I also rode on a motorcycle home on my birthday~!

(I never rode a motorcycle before. I mean, I also have never sat on a bicycle before. Yea, a kind friend rode me home~!)
It was a scary but fun experience~!! Trying something new is always FUN~!!

Maybe, next time, I'll ride more bikes??? You never know.....

My Chemical Romance

This is not gonna be some fangirl love rant. It's just something I want to say about MCR.

People look at MCR and judge them. Then, they look at me & ask me why I love them or their music.

People think that their music are very negative, dark and emo.

True, their music isn't exactly the happiest thing but you know what, their music saved my life and many more MCR fans lives too.

I don't know but when I listen to their music, it's like their songs & their voices lift the pain away. It's like they are singing the pain away for me.
And their lyrics explain exactly how I feel sometimes.

I hate it when people say that MCR, green day or any awesome band play pathetic, sad music.
Because they don't.

You know what, instead, MCR made me feel that everything will be ok and when I meet other MCR fans (be it online or offline), it made me feel that I'm not alone.

Instead of feeling worse & worse, MCR taught me that it's ok to be sad sometimes. MCR taught me to be…

day 1 : favourite songs.

I'm going to do a posting challenge.....(is that what they're called?)

Anyways, I saw this on someone's blog a LONG time ago and I always wanted to do it. So I decided to start today.

So yea.

Well, it's almost impossible to have ONLY one favourite song. So I'm gonna split it into categories. I'm not sure if that's possible but whatever. Anyway, these are my favourite songs currently.




FAVOURITE CRAZY RANDOM SONG created by ordinary people :

(only people who watched the naruto abridged series will get it.)

So yea...that's all the categories that I can think of right now.