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Currently, I'm doing research on terrorism for my law presentation. Trust me, I don't like this topic either. I would prefer doing famous people or death penalty.

Anyway, so my group has to do a presentation about terrorism.

So as I did my research, I realized that there was ALOT more to terrorism compared to what I know.

Anyhow, then these lines in my research made me think,

"Terrorism is a product of severe frustration and desperation."

"Not all terrorist were deprived of education."

"Most terrorist admit that terrorism was their last resort."

And for some reason, it made me think of an anime called Code Geass. It made me think of Lelouch Lamperouge.

And it also made me think of a line in one of MCR songs, "Would you destroy something perfect to create something beautiful?"

Odd, huh?

And so now, I'm just thinking and thinking.

Right now, I really can't answer if terrorism is justified or not. (I need to answer this question for my conclus…

Here it comes.

I just started college about a month ago. AND I'm so god damn busy.

This is just gonna be a short post because I'm not really sure what to say.

Anyway, life right now, is full of ups and downs.

One minute, I'm the most happiest person around. Next minute, I feel like I want to die.

So yea...

You know, I really thought that once I hit 18, I'll just automatically be mature and etc.

But now, I realize that you gotta do your own growing up.

And I also thought that if you've been through really bad times before, it'll never return.

But now, I realize, life don't work that way. Sometimes, it just returns for no absolute reason.

Right now, I feel like a little kid, learning about the world, my emotions and everything.

So yea... I'll just let life happen & see how it goes.

PS, here's my salute to anyone who's in college and anyone who's studying the Cambridge A-levels!!

I want it all - but I can't have it all.

So currently, I'm in college.

And OMG, there's just so many facilities and awesome programs going on there!!

I want to join them ALL! But I can't currently.

Well, I don't know if I can join them or not but I'm currently looking at my schedule and wondering how I should juggle them with my classes.

I'm being overwhelmed.

It's like a kid being in a candy shop and they are allowed to have any candy they want.

I'm looking at all the programs and my eyes are glittering away because I want them all!

It's so hard....when you want it all.

Maybe, I can't have it all. But still.

This is my college life, I want it to be the time where I just try things out & have a crazy adventure~!!
I want to enjoy every moment.
I want to have fun (not forgetting my studies, of course~!)

After all, we live only once~!

First day in college,

So I just started college.

How was my first day?
It was actually quite long & tiring. I mean, I went there at 9.00am but I came home at 5.00pm. I was there the whole freaking day. So yea, I was tired.

I'm actually quite amazed with this college.

I'll be honest. I didn't want to go to this college but I had to because my parents preferredwanted me to come here because the prices here is more affordable.

But who am I to complain? My parents are the one paying. sigh.

And to my surprise, it's not as bad as I thought.

I get a free pendrive.

The campus is so huge that I got lost.

The library is a big building with 3 floors and the cyber centre (where all the computers & internet are placed) is nice, neat & pretty awesome. So yea...

There's so many society & clubs that I actually LIKE!!

The lecturers are very caring and kind. (and strict)

The college have programmes that I LIKE~!

BUT there's also a downside.

The students there.....sigh.

Well, not all. But some. And s…