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I think I overdid it.

I thought I was fine. But actually now, I don't think so anymore.

Mentally, I'm fine and alright.

Physically, I'm not. My body been doing crazy things currently. Hopefully, it get's better in a week. If it doesn't, I'll go see a doctor.

So yea, maybe.... I kinda overdid it.

But oh well, that's life. It's all about pushing the boundaries. But then again, sometimes, there's lines that you must not cross ever.

Anyway, for now, I need to learn how to relax and yet stay focus on my goals.

Time is freaking gold.

Now, only I realise how important time is. And to me, right now, I don't have enough time for everything.


I need to learn time management, fast.

Music is life.

Currently, I have been listening to alot of music while doing all my projects.

I don't really have much to say except that MUSIC IS LIFE~!!


We should just all smile more often.