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I'm a lucky girl.

Right now, college life is pretty fun and I feel really, really lucky.

I mean, I found some pretty good nice people and I hang out with them a lot. We even have nicknames for each other.
Yea, my list for nicknames are growing.
1. Carms (Most of my friends call me this.)
2. Ka-chan (few people call me this.)
3. Mun Mun (My new nickname that my college mates give me. Weird, I know. But whatever. So yea....)

Not only that, my classes are going quite well. I understand all my lessons and I am doing quite well because my grades are pretty good. I'm actually quite proud of myself.

But I gotta keep it up, because test 2 is COMING. And then, after that, I will have my year end exam.

Things are just so effortless now. Everything is just coming together, easily. Sure, I get tired some days but even then, I feel like it's alright.

So yea. Right now, I just feel happy, relaxed, lucky and grateful. Yup, this is the life~!

I will do what I must.

Recently, since I started college, I am much more hardworking. I'm no longer that slob in high school.

For the first time in my life, I care about what I'm studying. I pay attention in class, attend all my class & complete the work that I need to complete. (I'm trying to find time to study though. My schedule is quite full.)

Of course, I relax too and have fun at times but... when it's time to work, I will work hard.

Why am I trying so hard?
Because if I fail now, my dreams of studying overseas, my dreams of being someone successful will all be crushed.
And I do not want to crush my own dreams.

My future is at stake, right now. I won't let myself fall (not if I can help it.)

I want to do my best. I want to see how far I can go. I want a bright future.

SO I'll do what I must. If that means studying, then, that's what I'll do.

This is my life.

"To achieve what you have never achieved, you have to do what you have never done before."

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 is out and it's obvious that I'm going absolutely bananas over this.

This is the last harry potter movie and that makes me really sad though. I mean, there is NO more harry potter movies after this year.

It really is the end.

Lucky me though, all my classes after 12pm is cancelled because lecturers have to go for a meeting.
So, I rushed to the cinema with a few college mates~! (Luckily, there were a few potter heads in my college who really wanted to watch it too)

So yea, I watched it today.

And omg, I was so emotional over this movie. I mean, I cried while watching this movie. Ok, more specifically, I cried when Snape died.

Personally, I wouldn't want to cry in front of my college mates but I did. Sigh. But nonetheless, I am not ashamed.

And then, not only that, when Hogwarts was attacked by death eaters, I was just so angry & sad. I wanted to yell & scream but luckily I didn't. Sigh.

All in all, it was a brilliant movie. How…


This week was just a week of tests.

General Paper Test.

It looks simple and sounds simple but it's not. Because this is general paper, the questions were general and you really didn't know what to study for. I mean, there was a question on the importance of technology to celebrities. And I was like, how am I suppose to answer that.

Not only that, there's a little vocabulary section which tests our vocabulary. And dang, my I realized that my vocabulary sucks.

Economics Test.

Eventhough, I studied economics in high school but the economics in high school are just basic stuff. Here, in college, there's just so much more information, details and extensions that I had never heard of before. Personally, I like economics but oh my gosh, the questions here are quite tough. sigh. But atleast, it's multiple choice questions, so it isn't that bad.

Law Test.

It was just 2 essays in one hour. So yea, time management problem. I mean, how the hell am I suppose to write an essay in h…


Oh god, I really do not like this subject. It's so complicated.

My accounts gave an account assignment on depreciation. And damn, who knew there's so many things to remember when you do it.

So yea. As I did it, I thought it was right but then when I check with another account lecturer, he said that it wasn't really accurate.

AND it didn't help that he kept changing his answer every minute and I was like, which one is the real effing answer!!

Then, I had one college mate who came to me and she was all like, "oh, you don't understand this. Let me help you, you poor stupid thing."

And she started telling me what is depreciation as if I was a retard. Oh, that pissed me off. I know it but what I don't know is the different methods to do it.

Then, she was like, I thought you learned accounts in high school. I managed a smile but damn, I wanted to slap her.

So today, the whole day, I was just angry with accounts. I'm so effing close to dropping this stupid subj…