It's a beautiful mind.

Finally, I understood what people meant when they say that your dreams is your subconscious trying to figure out your problem so that you can stop suffering.

Usually, I don't understand this because my dreams are just so random and don't usually link to me at all. In my dreams, I am usually someone else or simply in another world. So yea, I don't get how our dreams work to save ourselves.

But I do now.


Because I had a dream that was so real and that dream was the solution to my what I feel nowadays.

It kinda sucks to wake up, realizing that it was just a dream. That it is not reality.

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Recently, I've been feeling really sad and regretful. I only have one regret.....which is my beloved friend whom I lost due to my own temper and stupidity.

I also realize that it is harder to erase a memory of someone in your mind because you may throw away all the things you shared with that person, but you can't erase the memory. You can't erase the good and bad times that you share with that person in your mind. It's not that easy.

I find myself, telling my college friend about this good friend. Then, that's when I realize I miss her dearly and I regret how I ended things with her.

And in my dream, I reconciled with her and it felt great. I felt the peace that I wanted, I felt the regret just melt away. It was beautiful.

Then, I wake up and find out it was just a dream.

And now, I wonder to myself, is that broken friendship even still fixable? I have apologized many times but to no avail.

Is it too late?

She probably isn't even thinking about me. She probably even hates me. She probably have moved on.

So yea. I'm not exactly sure what to do.


Happy "Sam" said…
Don't be sad ya !!
sayang ~

Things already past ...
We cannot do anythings.

So must thank and keep it nice when it come in your life journey.

No need purpose to forget it !!
That is your journey and experience to let you grow up !!

+u+u !!
You can do it !!
Let go to the top !!
Yeah !!

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