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Time to welcome the new year.

Another year is over and now, a new year is here to replaces it.

Surprisingly, this year passed very quickly for me.

2011 has been a pretty good year to me. Nothing bad but nothing great either.

Anyhow, I do hope that 2012 would be a good year and the year where the world doesn't ends. I really do hope the Mayans were wrong.

Time to welcome the new year and to think of new year resolutions~~!!


Anime Convention and cosplay

Last Sunday, I finally attended an Anime Convention.
I always said that I wanted to go...and I missed it last year so I went this year~!! 

It is a 2 day convention. However, I only went on the second day which was a Sunday. Surprisingly, there was A LOT of people.

 It was really overwhelming. There were just so many people and things to see. And since it is my first time here, I am not really sure what to do.
I saw many cosplayers. A lot of them wore really expensive and exquisite costume.

Then, there were weird costumes. Boxes, much?  

Then, there were adorable cosplayers with pretty good costumes.

Surprisingly, there were kids too.....
Did I cosplay too? Well, yes I did. I cosplayed as Kanmuri Shigeru. I mean, I bought that costume last year and didn't use it. So I thought that I should atleast use it once. So that's why I decided to cosplay.

Baking Day~!

Ok, usually I don't bake or cook. It's not my thing. However, yesterday I had a baking day with my sister and my buddy~!

My parents bought an oven so yea. We just had to use it. 

I never had an oven until now. So even if we wanted to bake, we couldn't. But now, WE CAN~! 

Why my parents never bought an oven? Well, we never thought we need it and true enough, we didn't. My family aren't very good in cooking or baking. Both my parents work and I'm just too lazy. Plus cooking and baking ain't my thing. For some reason, I only like eating but not cooking. My sister on the other hand, wants to cook and bake but she's too lazy too. So yea.

Fortunately, I have an awesome buddy who bakes ALL the time so yea, she came over and helped us cooked or else, my parents wouldn't have let us use the oven. 

First of all, we baked chicken for lunch and dinner.

It's chicken marinated with paprika, black pepper, thyme and garlic. It's very herb-ish, healthy and juicy. T…

Letters Vs Emails

Christmas is coming.

Obviously, I'm in a Christmas mood~! For some reason, I feel like mailing my friends Christmas Cards. Maybe, it's my Christmas spirit talking or it's the Christmas mood? 

So, for the last few days, I've been searching for my friends addresses. I lost my contact book....That means, I have to text, facebook or call my friends up for their addresses.

I know that mailing is pretty lame. But you know what, I still think it's kinda great. Personally, I have never received any personal letters through the mail but once, I got a letter, confirming that I'm an organ donor. For some crazy reason, I was so HAPPY that I had a letter.

For me, I love handwritten letters. In high school, I often wrote letters for my friends during their birthdays. And when I get a handwritten letter from them, I feel so happy.

I know e-cards do exist. So why should I mail real cards? Mailing cost money. You have to buy the cards, get envelopes and stamps.
E-cards are FREE of ch…


Well, December has arrived. 

It's the last month of the year 2011. Let's just appreciate this month and enjoy it~!

How fast time flies. Only a few months ago, it was January. Now, it's December. 

I don't really have much to say except that I wish I had more time and money. But then again, who doesn't.

So yea. 

Anyhow, I'm currently just enjoying my holidays doing absolutely NOTHING~! (Seriously, I just sit in my bed and lie there all day.)