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I don't know what to name this.

I watched a few anime and it got me thinking.

Ano hi mita

From the anime, it showed that everyone has a secret. Frankly, I'm not surprised. However, it is another thing that got me thinking.

Change going down the drain.

What do I mean?

I watched Ano hi mita and it showed me that when you meet someone of your past, all the change that you have been working on just disappears.

In the anime, a bunch of friends meet up a few years later and all of them have changed. They were no longer what they were in the past.
But when they hung with each other for quite a while, they learnt that they weren't so different now as they were in the past.

It was as if, they went back to the past.

I wonder why that happens.

Why do change disintegrate when you meet someone from your past?

I'm sure that is true. When I meet up with my friends that I had since I was a kid, I feel like I'm 12 again.
It's odd yet it happens.

Anyhow, I'm not against or for this.

Like I said, it got me thinking.


Happy "Sam" said…
hehe ~~

Ok ~~
wake up !!
time to go school !!

No more 12 years old dream ~
hehe ~

let go ~~
Happy chinese new years ~
Yeah !~~
JchelzAerides said…
Happy Chinese New Year

For the soup yes you can use any kind of stock, cube, liquid or powder. Just make sure it isn't too salty. I use the powder because its more flexi

Yep white vinegar is just the normal kind. Don't put it all at once as it might get too much

I used chicken legs. For chicken breast you can use the same temperature but you might want to lessen the cooking time as chicken breast cooks faster. Its alot of observation. If you're not sure, when you cut the chicken, the juice that comes out should be clear.

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