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The past is beckoning? Anyhow, for some reason, I miss the past. It's odd. But it's alright because I keep reminding myself to move on. So yea.


Anyhow, today, I had met and talked to a few friends who I saw on the train. It was such a coincidence. Today, I went home with Lianne (who is also a really old friend). My class ended at 1pm but I had to wait for her since her class ends at 2pm.

Anyway, on the way home via train, we saw Ser Qi. We talked about high school and how our crazy psychotic headmistress changed a lot of things after we graduated. Most of the thing shocked me. I mean, she's absolutely ruining my high school but whatever. However, I really do pity the current students there though. 

Then, Ser Qi reached her station and left. Then, we saw Kamio Chikage. I mean, wow, meeting up with two old schoolmates in a day at the train?! What a coincidence! Seriously.

We talked about stress, school and our future. Kamio also had no idea on what she wanted to study like me. She's also taking a pre-university course just like me. After all, pre-u courses buy us time to think on what we want to do in the future. So yea.

It's nice that I met up with them. It really brightened up my day as I was not really having a great one. (exams and screwed up results so yea.)

Well, what can I say but coincidences~!


Happy "Sam" said…
Don't worry ~
Be happy ~

Life got up and down ~!~
Colour got black and white ~
After raining ~
Sunny days is coming ~~

remember keep it up !!
Yeah !~
Life's not a bed of roses. Keep your chin up and flash that killer smile of yours! Keep smiling, and the world will smile at you! <3
JayAl said…
Aww,u saw 2 of our old school mates?awesome, darn lucky man.yup, life is hard, I agree, but somehow, we still gata move on,you're not the only one who is having all this prob pal. ;P

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